Unveiling Nina Agdal's Inspiring Journey to Stardom: Life Before Fame and Her Relationship with Logan Paul

Before Nina Agdal would become one of the fashion industry's top models working for brands like Victoria's Secret, Billabong, Macy's, Beach Bunny, and many more. 

Before Nina Agdal would get engaged to YouTuber and WWE Superstar Logan Paul. 

Before Nina Agdal would have over 268,000 followers on X, as well as 1.8 million followers on Instagram at the time of this recording. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Logan Paul has finally found "the one," and her name is Nina Agdal. 

The notorious influencer proposed to his gorgeous Danish fashion model girlfriend in July 2023, shortly after celebrating their one-year anniversary as a couple. 

Logan has been an open book in regards to how this relationship has changed his life for the better, but lately, things have taken a bit of a turn with his upcoming fight against Dylan Danis, scheduled for October. 

The former UFC fighter has weaponized the aspects of Nina's past, in particular, her dating life, against his opponent, with many people not knowing all that much about Nina's come up to begin with. 

No one seems to know what to believe, so in the interest of clearing things up, I'm gonna take you through the life journey of the future Mrs. Paul. 

The Early Years:

Nina Agdal was born on March 26, 1992, in the small town of Hillard, Denmark. 

As a child, Nina recalls always being as active as humanly possible. 

Not only did she used to dance, but she enjoyed playing basketball for a number of years as a teen. 

Being the good Danish girl that she is, Nina also had a passion for football and wasn't bad at kicking a ball or two between the goal posts back in the day.


"Are you an athlete?" 

"I am. I consider myself very athletic."

"Yeah? Well, what's that mean?"

"It means I'm pretty good at sports. Like, you can throw me into anything, and I'll kind of just figure it out. I have strong legs and really fast. I sprint 14.5 on a treadmill. I do play basketball. I dance. I can play soccer. I can catch a football if you want me to."

As much as Nina might have enjoyed athletics, she was less excited when it came to school. 

Learning English as a second language was her worst subject, and she ultimately decided against pursuing her original goal of becoming a dentist.

"Just how awkward and unattractive were you in high school?"

"Okay, let me tell you this. I lost all my teeth at once, so I had like a square of no teeth. I cut my hair short because I didn't want to have lights anymore, and then I had like two small ponytails for my short hair. I mean, it's cute, I know. Life is cute. I don't consider any children at the opera. You grow up, and it's like it's a part of it. Everybody has to go through that phase."

Of course, there's a reason she decided to avoid such a lucrative line of work, and it's because, by the age of 18, she already found her calling as a model. 

Nina was originally discovered while walking the streets of Denmark. 

At the time, she had never considered a career in the industry but was convinced by a talent scout to enter the Elite Model Look competition. 

She didn't win, but Nina still signed with Elite Models Copenhagen immediately afterward and continued juggling her schoolwork with modeling until she was 18, which is when she stopped her education. 

After graduating from high school, rather than pursue a career in dentistry, Nina moved to the United States, settling in Miami with only a few dollars to her name. 

It was the biggest risk she ever had taken, and she knew it, telling Maxim magazine, "I was very shy about saying anything and was so scared. I landed with 40 and a little piece of paper with the address for the model apartment."

Nina might have been shy, but she was also incredibly confident, as her modeling career would soon make very clear. 

Upon moving to the United States in 2010, Nina Agdal immediately began compiling an impressive portfolio of work. 

Two years later, she was already making her first appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, in which she was named the Rookie of the Year. 

She has since gone on to appear in Sports Illustrated a further five times, including on the cover of the 2014 50th Anniversary issue beside Chrissy Teigen and Lily Aldridge, a moment she regards as the highlight of her career.

Nina has also modeled for Billabong, Adore Me, and Calzedonia, to name a few, while being featured in fashion editorials for Vogue Mexico, L, and Cosmopolitan. 

Back in 2013, she even appeared in a hard-to-forget Super Bowl ad for Carl's Jr. 

Having set the modeling world on fire in her early career, Nina was then hand-picked to become a Victoria's Secret model and has walked the New York Fashion Week runway as well. 

But as impressive as her many career accomplishments are, it's Nina's dating life that's always made the most headlines. 

Like in 2016 when she entered into a year-long relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Once that ended, she found herself dating Christy Brinkley's son, Jack Brinkley Cook, a romance that lasted four years before the couple called it quits in late 2021. 

A few months later, Nina began dating "What Do You Meme" creator Ben Kaplan, but that relationship was much shorter than the rest. 

Within a few weeks of that romance ending, Nina would finally meet Mr. Right, and by Mr. Right, I mean, of course, Logan Paul.

The Relationship Saga:

While speaking with The Daily Front Row, Nina revealed she first met Logan at an event in New York City, saying, "I found out he was there. My gut was screaming that I had to say hi to him. I basically convinced him to meet me and my friends upstairs for a drink. He came upstairs, and we started joking around. It instantly felt like I had known him for years."

And here they are. In May 2022, these two officially began dating, and a few months later, they were spotted out in public for the first time at a restaurant in London, where paparazzi caught them snuggling, laughing, and heading to a club. 

The following December, Logan made things Instagram official by publicly declaring their relationship and sharing a carousel of images of the two of them as a couple with the caption "lucky me, lucky him."

Indeed, Nina was feeling as lucky as he was and shared her own announcement later that month. 

By all accounts, Logan Paul has noticeably matured over these past few months while dating Nina, and all his personal growth culminated in his proposal a few weeks after the duo celebrated their one-year anniversary. 

While on a getaway at Lake Como, Italy, Logan got down on one knee and asked for Nina's hand in marriage. 

Sure, the ring might not have fit, but Nina couldn't have been happier and agreed to become his wife.

Then along came Dylan Danis, looking to ruin the good time for everyone. 

The moment it was announced the boxing match between Logan Paul and Dylan Danis got personal when the former MMA fighter wasted no time dragging Nina Agdal's good name into things. 

Once the match between these two was officially announced for October, Danis took to social media to drop one controversial picture after another involving Nina in the hopes of getting inside Logan's head.

Most of these images involve material from Nina's photo shoots over the years. 

Others involve her and her ex-boyfriends. 

Some are just pictures of Nina out in public with random men like LeBron James and Ja Rule. 

There's also a healthy chunk that has clearly been photoshopped, including one with Adam Sandler.

Logan did what he could to ignore the photos, but eventually, it all became too much, and he gave an interview to Misfits Boxing, admitting he didn't think Dylan would take things this far. 

"I didn't think he'd take it as far as he did. But you know, actions have consequences. Me and my girl don't have to defend ourselves or try to prove our love for the world. Like my fiancee is an angel."

He's twisted a narrative of her relationship with long-term boyfriends, getting paparazzi over the course of her adult life, and he's good. He's a good Twitter troll, but again, ain't gonna pay for it.

After Logan referred to Nina as an "effing angel" during the course of that conversation, Dylan stepped up his trolling game even further, dropping a 40-second clip of Nina in bed discussing how difficult it is for her to abstain from, well, you know. (SEX) 

"By the way, I'm very proud of myself. This is the longest I've ever gone without sex since I started. Obviously, extremely crazy. I am struggling. I mean, penis inside of me ASAP. Like, all I want is like a big fat sausage, destroying my body. So, if any of you guys know a good dick that doesn't have STDs on it, I'll take it right here."

That clip got viewed over 81 million times in the course of just one day. 

But even numbers like those aren't enough to satisfy Dylan, who also claims to be in possession of a photo so obscene that releasing it to the public would probably result in the cancellation of the upcoming fight and jail time for himself. 

Dylan is asserting he's doing all of this to save Logan from Nina, but so far, Logan refuses to buy into that narrative.

While appearing on Andrew Schultz's "Flagrant" podcast, he addressed this seemingly nuclear image, explaining that Nina doesn't have any idea what Dylan is talking about.

"Do you have any idea what he's talking about?"

"She says no."

"She said I legitimately, bottom of my heart, had no idea he's talking about."

So far, Nina has yet to publicly respond to any of Dylan's pictures. 

But let's be honest, this is really about a toxic battle between two men, not Nina. 

Prior to Dylan's smear campaign, many of Logan's fans adored his fiancee and were grateful that she helped him become a better man. 

But now, after the public has been force-fed these images, public opinion has begun to turn. 

It should go without saying that Nina's dating history should be irrelevant to any of this, especially considering she and Logan have reportedly been open with one another about their past from the beginning. 

This is simply an attempt by Dylan to weaponize Nina's sexual agency in order to devalue her man, which is so inappropriate on a whole bunch of levels.

All that remains to be seen now is what the future holds for Nina and Logan. 

Well, There are doubts any of this drama is going to cause the type of fracture Dylan is hoping for, many are expecting these two to take part in an extravagant wedding sometime in the near future. 

Nina even recently told Sports Illustrated, "I would love to start a family within the next decade too. Who knows what will happen, but I am so excited to see how it all unfolds." 

Sounds like Logan Paul could have a family on his hands even sooner than he might have expected. 

Let's just hope that his next opponent doesn't resort to calling his future wife names; otherwise, Nina Agdal might be rethinking her own life decisions.