Nigerian gospel singer John Praise Osita has recently released a new single titled "By Your Grace". Setting a mark for producing spirit filled worship songs including Buli Gi Elu, John Praise Osita didn't leave out  "By Your Grace" as it carries the anointing needed in these trying times.

In the realm of music, there are songs that touch our hearts and uplift our spirits. Today, we delve into the realm of praise, where we discover a heartfelt tribute to someone deserving of admiration. This document revolves around a song titled "By Your Grace," a beautiful composition that praises the remarkable qualities and virtues of a person named Osita.

Buli Gị Elu By John Praise Osita 

"By Your Grace" is truly a testament to the remarkable qualities and virtues of Osita. Through each verse and chorus, the song encapsulates the admiration, gratitude, and praise felt towards this extraordinary individual. May this song resonate with many, conveying the impact of Osita's grace and inspiring others to emulate such a remarkable spirit.

By Your Grace - A Song of Praise for Osita

By Your Grace - A Song of Praise for Osita, A spirit filled gospel special, By minister John Praise Osita

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