Whether you work a 9-5 or you're a creative, everyone can tell that meeting your boss can leave a sweat on your face. (well, except your your own boss) Here's a short tale of  Ayra Starr and her first meeting with her boss, the renowned music producer Don Jazzy. Ayra Starr, (Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe) gained fame and recognition in the music industry at a young age. She recently shared her experience of meeting Don Jazzy and how it shaped her musical journey.

  Ayra Starr's Shyness and Nervousness

Ayra Starr begins her tale by admitting that she was incredibly shy and nervous when she first encountered Don Jazzy. She recalls moments of excitement and amazement whenever she saw her brother leaving the studio, prompting both of them to express their awe with loud exclamations. However, when she finally met Don Jazzy, her nerves were put at ease as she discovered an unexpected side of the music mogul.

  Don Jazzy: "The Coolest Person Ever"

Contrary to Ayra Starr's expectations, Don Jazzy proved to be warm, welcoming, and understanding. She describes him as "the coolest person ever," instantly breaking down the barriers of intimidation. Don Jazzy took the time to engage with Ayra Starr, seeking to understand her vision and passion for music. This genuine interest from her boss left a profound impact on the young artist.

Recognizing Ayra Starr's Talents

Don Jazzy reveals that he was captivated by Ayra Starr's talent the moment he stumbled upon a video of her singing one of her original songs on Instagram. Her powerful voice and youthful appearance struck a chord with him, prompting him to take immediate action. Without hesitation, he reached out to Ayra Starr, inviting her to his studio, with the presence of a guardian, to explore potential collaborations.

  Ayra Starr's Desires and Determination

During their meeting, Don Jazzy sensed Ayra Starr's burning desire for success in the music industry. Her passion and determination were evident, compelling him to offer her a platform to showcase her talent. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of their professional journey together, leading to remarkable achievements in the years that followed.

  The Teen Vogue Feature

Ayra Starr's narration of her meeting with Don Jazzy was featured in the prestigious Teen Vogue Magazine. The article shed light on the significant impact that this encounter had on her life and career, inspiring young talents all over the world.

Ayra Starr's first encounter with Don Jazzy is a heartwarming tale of overcoming shyness, fostering genuine connections, and recognizing talent. The encounter not only solidified a powerful mentor-mentee bond but also paved the way for a promising musical career. As Ayra Starr continues to thrive in the industry, her story serves as a reminder that sometimes, life-changing moments can arise from unexpected meetings with extraordinary individuals.