On Thursday, a 20-year-old (Judge J. Christopher Smith) who was charged in the murder of rapper Pop Smoke pleaded guilty in a juvenile court. 

He admitted to breaking into the rapper's Hollywood Hills mansion in February 2020 with the intention of robbing him.

That night, a group of people wearing ski masks burst into Jackson’s bedroom, a detective testified at a preliminary hearing. They confronted him in a shower, where one of the suspects — a 15-year-old boy — pistol-whipped the rapper and shot him three times in the back, according to testimony.

Pop Smoke was killed during a struggle with the attackers. The defendant pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and home invasion robbery and was sentenced to four years and two months in a Secure Youth Treatment Facility.

 However, the judge warned that he could remain in juvenile custody until he turns 25. Three other defendants, including two juveniles and one adult, were also charged in connection with Pop Smoke's death. 

The media has been barred from identifying the juvenile defendants. Pop Smoke, whose real name was Bashar Barakah Jackson, was a New York City native who was on a trip to Los Angeles when he was killed. The defendants stole his watch and a diamond-studded Rolex, which they sold for $2,000. 

The defendant who pleaded guilty was accused of scouting the mansion, helping recruit three juveniles to rob Pop Smoke, and remaining in constant communication with the getaway driver. 

The defendant's attorney argued that his client was intellectually disabled, but a psychologist who examined him on behalf of the prosecution testified that he appeared to be faking his disability. The judge ultimately found the defendant to be competent to stand trial. After the finding was affirmed on appeal, the defendant chose to plead guilt.

There have been some reactions by netizens especially on social media, many are of the notion that the time(4years) is to small for someone who killed Pop Smoke despite being a juvenile. Some went ahead  comparing similar cases where juveniles were given higher sentences for minor  crimes. 

One user said:

"Typical California laws wassaname killers all 4 of them got life in prison just sayin 🀷🏽‍♂️ Dolph killers looking at death sentence and this guy is prolly looking at maybe just one more year before being released 🀷🏽‍♂️"

Another fan said 

"The government never fails to show their true colors. Shit sad af"

Here are some other comments



"That’s sad how ya letting him go home .. the guy he killed never going home again…"


"Wait hold on time out so they give nip killer 60 but pop smoke killer 4 whats the difference if they both artist’s someone plz explain this to me?"


"4 years πŸ˜‚ when the system is supposed to do its job it lacks and gives the stupidest sentences! That boy knew wtf he was doing"


"Yup the system protects the wrong people. Now tell me why this dude wouldn’t come out in 4 years time and commit the same crime again?"


"The real person sent them Lil kids cuz they knew the was juvenile n time will be dramatically reduced. Damn shamn"


"If people keep getting time like this then more bodies will fall as well 🀷🏽‍♂️"


"No snitching, so people who do the crime don’t get anytime. But upset that somebody who got caught don’t get enough time. It is what it is."


"No serious consequences for un-living someone…smh. This is the exact reason why it keeps happening. Ooh but fraud, don’t commit fraud. The government hates that more than anything. Weird that they don’t play when it comes to the IRS’s money. Let me repeat IRS’s MONEY. But they can’t put the murderers in place πŸ€”"


"Wtf the judge thinking.. 4yrs not enough😟 we are not given Justice in full #black lives matters"




"Well he probably should've asked the judge for more time than 4 yrs because I'm pretty sure when he gets out? Pop Smoke people will be waiting for him at the gate for a little payback!🀷‍♀️"


"So in other words, Pop's life meant Nothing to them !!! 😑😑😑"

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