Nick Cannon Calls ‘Red Table Talk’ A ‘Toxic Table’ Following Cancellation

Welcome to the world of Celebrities! Today, we will be discussing the recent happenings in the entertainment industry. Before we dive into the topic, let us take a moment to appreciate the power of social media. Thanks to social media, we can keep ourselves updated with the latest news, gossips, and trends in the celebrity world.

One of the trending topics recently was Nick Cannon's comments on the popular talk show, Red Table Talk. Nick Cannon, who recently unveiled his new Amp radio show, The Daily Cannon, took a dig at Red Table Talk, calling it a "toxic table" after it was canceled by Meta, the parent company of Facebook.

Nick's co-hosts, Abby De La Rosa, Mason Moussette, and Courtney Bee, were not in agreement with his comments. However, Nick remained firm on his stance, blaming the show for the Oscars drama between Will Smith and Chris Rock, popularly known as "Slapgate." He commented that "If there was no Red Table Talk, then [Will Smith] wouldn’t have slapped the s**t out of Chris Rock."

Nick Cannon continued his tirade, criticizing the show for discussing the "entanglement" between Will and Jada Pinkett Smith back in 2020, which became a trending meme on social media platforms. Nick declared that Will and Jada were "royalty" before the infamous RTT sit-down and expressed that he didn't want to know all that information about them.

Despite Nick's comments, Red Table Talk has confirmed that it's "in talks of finding a new home." This incident shows the power of social media in creating an impact and highlighting the opinions of people, even celebrities.

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