Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the latest celebrity drama on the block! LaNisha Cole has spoken out about her baby daddy, Nick Cannon, forgetting to mention their daughter, Onyx Cole, during an interview. 

LaNisha, bless her heart, took to her Instagram Story to share some cryptic messages that had us all wondering what's up. She said, "It’s not normal to have your life play out in front of an audience but this is the age we live in. That being said… no person’s path is linear." 

Okay, LaNisha, you got our attention. What else did she say? "There’s going to be blind curves, peaks, valleys, and sometimes we make wrong turns or run into dead ends. Simply correct course and get back on your forward-moving path…” Y'all, this woman is deep. 

She then shared an inspiring message to other moms, saying, "To all the Moms out there.. take care of your heart with the same love and patience you have for your babies. It’s not always easy but we're built for this." 

Now, let's get to the real tea. Nick Cannon, during an interview on the Howard Stern Show, was asked if he could name all of his twelve kids. He replied, "I can name all of [them] — Of course, can’t you name all of your kids?!" 

Howard Stern decided to test him by asking him to name them all, and Nick started listing their names. Moroccan and Monroe, Golden, Powerful, and then Zion, Zillion, Zen, Legendary, and Rise. Then, the host informed him that he forgot someone. Someone important. Someone named Onyx Ice Cole. 

Poor Nick, he said, "You got me." That's right, Nick, you messed up. But can you blame him? He has twelve kids with multiple women, and it's hard to keep track. 

Social media users went wild. One user suggested that Nick should use flashcards or a spreadsheet to keep track of his kids, while another suggested putting him on child support. And let's not forget the user who empathized with LaNisha, saying, "This has to be hurtful to the mom of Onyx Smfh." 

Well, there you have it, folks. Another day, another celebrity drama. Stay tuned for the next episode, where we find out if Nick Cannon will make it up to LaNisha and Onyx.