Johnny Depp, famous for his role as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, has reportedly left Hollywood and moved to London following his recent legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard and the passing of his close friend, musician Jeff Beck.

 While Depp has always loved Europe and finds the European lifestyle more to his speed, his move to London was further solidified after he spent time there while touring with Beck. 

Depp, who is alternating between staying with friends and a hotel in London, is taking a break from the Hollywood spotlight and the paparazzi that come with it.

 Fans believe that Jeff's passing hit him hard, and as a result, he decided to stay in London for a while. Although Depp has always been a huge fan of Europe, fans have noted that his legal battle with Amber Heard also played a significant role in his decision to step away from major American hub cities.

Despite his personal issues, Depp seems to have started his comeback tour after the verdict came down in his favor. 

He made public appearances at the VMAs and on Rihanna's Savage X Fenty show, toured with Jeff Beck as a musician, filmed his first post-trial movie, picked up a directing gig, and returned as the face of Dior's fragrance, Sauvage.

 However, Beck's passing may have caused a pause in the actor's career, and it is currently unclear when Depp's new projects will be released.

Jeff Beck, Legendary Guitarist 

Depp's fans across the city of London have been showering him with love since his move to the UK. However, Depp is reportedly still processing Beck's passing, and fans can't help but feel sorry for him. An anonymous source told People magazine that Depp and Beck were extremely close, and Depp was by Beck's bedside before he passed away. Beck's family issued a statement on Twitter asking for privacy during this difficult time.

Meanwhile, Amber Heard is expected to appear in Aquaman 2 on December 25th, and fans are curious to see how her legal battle with Depp will impact her career. As for Depp, fans are eagerly anticipating his next project and hope to see him back on the big screen soon. 

Depp's move to London is a significant change for the actor, and fans are curious to see how this move will impact his career. Despite his legal battle with Amber Heard and his friend Jeff Beck's passing, Depp seems to be taking it one day at a time, and his fans across the world continue to show him support and love.