All About Steve's Wife Marjorie Harvey's Drug Addiction And Jim Townsend's Book

 Steve Harvey, the famous comedian, and talk show host, shared one of his most significant challenges and triumphs of saving his wife, Marjorie, from her drug addiction. 

The couple met when they had both been married twice, and they had no idea that they would be blending their families and creating a modern-day version of The Brady Bunch. 

Despite Marjorie's past, Steve is no stranger to expressing his feelings about how Marjorie saved his life and made him believe in love again. Throughout the last 16 years of their marriage, they have pushed past baby mama drama and a few career blunders.

 The couple never had a biological child together, but their union made them a family of nine. 

Recently, Steve Harvey has been in the headlines due to reports from Marjorie Harvey's ex-husband, Jim Townsend, who claimed that Marjorie Harvey was the queenpin of his drug dealing operation. Townsend has released a book where he reveals many secrets that raise eyebrows and question Steve Harvey's involvement in the situation. 

Despite the negative news, there are some interesting tidbits in Townsend's book. He wrote two-thirds of the book in prison, and the plan is to complete the book and shop it to book publishers. 

Whoever pays the most gets it. Even though Townsend had reservations about sharing his story because of his kids, he moved ahead and said he doesn't give a rat's what Marjorie thinks. 

The FBI and DEA began investigating Marjorie in the early 90s while she was married to then drug lord Townsend. At the time of Jim's arrest, authorities reportedly told Jim that his wife would be arrested as well. **********************

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They had substantial evidence of her illegal activities if he didn't cooperate. In a bombshell exclusive interview, Jim tells that he was pressured by the feds to cooperate with their investigation. 

He says the lawman claimed to have substantial evidence against Marjorie and said she'd be arrested if he didn't pay bail. At the time, Marjorie was eight months pregnant with her second child, son Jason. 

The dealer says he also feared their five-year-old daughter, Morgan, would be left without a mother if he didn't cop a plea. **************************

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**************************There was Marjorie and my brother, Terry, and that was part of the plea bargain. Townsend says, "We cut a deal that they wouldn't indict them. Yes, they were involved," he claims, "but I was the ringleader."

The first word Steve ever said to Marjorie was, "I don't know who you are, but I'm going to marry you one day." The couple's love story is a pure symbol of love, perseverance, and hope. Steve and Marjorie Harvey have always respected each other, which is the key to their success. 

Even with recent negative news, these accusations are unlikely to have any effect on their relationship. Steve Harvey continued, "You have to look for the bright side in everything, and my bright side was her. She is everything for me, and she saved my life. Best thing ever happened to me."