Andrew Tate's Lesson From Jail #21

 TopG Andrew Tate's Message To Fans 

Lesson 21

"We all have our favorite emotions. 

The ones we default to and seek.

This is why junkies are junkies. 

Why athletes are athletes. 

Why winners win and losers lose. 

Everybody wants that familiar feeling. 

Whether it’s a good feeling. 

Or a bad one.

My default feeling is proud. 

I enjoy feeling better than everyone around me with undeniable empirical evidence. 

Hottest girl, strongest team, iron minded, whatever. 

I love to FLEX. 

Searching for my favorite feeling has built me an EXCEPTIONAL life.

It's FORCED me to make something I can be proud of.

What’s your feeling?

If it’s “happy” that’s just as destructive as “sad” 

And trust me. Some people WANT to feel sad. 

Perpetual victims. 

But happiness is the hedonistic highway to addictions. Short-sighted. 

Drink this vodka, take this pill, eat that cake, I want to feel HAPPY YAY.

Society has conditioned men to believe we should be happy. 

We are not children. Life is not a playground. 

“There’s something wrong with you if you’re not happy” 


I know successful dedicated brilliant men who are not giggling like little girls.

Fuck happy. Chase more.

Be more.

Be great."


- Tate

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