The Story Of Steflon Don, Climbing The Ladder To Fame

 Steflon Don is a British rapper and singer. She became well-known after the 2017 UK Singles Chart peak of her song "Hurtin' Me" with French Montana at position 7. After releasing her first mixtape, Real Ting, in 2016, Allen followed it up with Secure in 2018.

Steflon Don has released numerous singles including hits like "16 Shots" and "hurting Me". She collaborated with artists like French Montana, Lil Yachty, and Skepta. She even received shoutouts from Foxy Brown, A Lil Kim, and had a significant co-sign from Assad's Father.

Steflon Don has understandably been compared to Nicki Minaj, which she doesn't particularly like. In response to the connections that have been made, she said that Nicki is the best thing to happen in a very long time. She added that the statement shouldn't be taken as a diss as everyone wants to be unique and stand out. She is a vegetarian, among other interesting things about Steflon. At the age of 13, she had her first body piercing. She has eight tattoos, and judging by her interview with Genius, she was the best partner a guy could have.

Stephanie Victoria Allen was born on the 14th of December, 1991, in Birmingham, England, to parents of Jamaican origin. She didn't grow up on the island, but her parents instilled the culture in her, and she has six musically inclined siblings.

Stephanie has two noticeable scars on her head from when she was a child, so there must have been been a lot of roughhousing between her and her siblings. Both injuries, one between the eyes from when her brother threw a plastic water bottle at her and the other from when she was just four years old, are on the opposite side of her forehead. She claimed that she was playing hide-and-seek when she tumbled down the stairs. She and her family relocated to the Netherlands when she was barely five years old, where she lived for over ten years. She improved her ability to speak Dutch as a result. She occasionally still incorporates some Dutch into her music.

Holland was where Stephanie first recognized her passion for music. She had the desire to become a vocalist by the age of eight. She once wrote songs and sang them for her friends. Then, one day, she had a circumstance that demonstrated she has the skills necessary to make an ear warm.

One day, she was with a friend and the cousins of her friend when they began singing a song she knew. only to learn that her buddy had taught her cousins the song's lyrics and that it was actually her song.

Then, when she was 9 years old, her father took her to the recording studio so she could make her debut. When she was younger, Steph constantly pursued her passion for music by signing up for piano and dancing training. Additionally, she participated in kickboxing, school talent shows, and plays. One of Steph's earliest musical influences was the song Destiny's Child, which she would recreate with her pals.

When she was 14, she moved back to the UK to attend school in London. It wasn't until high school that she started to freestyle around the house. Steph was first encouraged to take rap seriously by her sister, a singer, when she was around 19 or 20 years old.

Stephanie looked into many job options while she was a teen. She completed a three-month course to learn how to design and decorate cakes. She also picked up nail care skills, but Steflon was a hairstylist before breaking into the music industry. The girl had three fallback options.

Well, she actively started creating and recording songs in 2011 and started taking music extremely seriously. She wouldn't start posting her songs online until approximately 2013, and she knew exactly where to do it: YouTube. On January 13, 2013, she registered her channel, and it currently has about 300 subscribers.

However, she dropped the first music video ever in May 2013 with the song "more fire right now." Even though it was her first video, it wasn't inexpensive. She was forced to request payment from her partner.

She contributed to a song called "running by the thrillers" about this time but this is certainly not the kind of music you're used to hearing from my gal Steflon.

However, she returned in full force on January 30, 2014, releasing a new music video for the song "warning freestyle." Steflon made the decision to write an entirely original song while she was away in Los Angeles for three months even though at this time in her career she was primarily focused on remixes and cover songs.

Then, in June 2014, she debuted Instagram, and I have to admit that this is probably when the parallels to Nikki started.

I don't know how well that song did when it was first played, but as of right now, with just under 75,000 views, it's the most watched on that channel.

She probably didn't expect such response because her next and last upload on this channel would be a remix.

The breakthrough track for Steflon would arrive in 2015. She started her SoundCloud account and uploaded remixes to Ray Schremmer's No Type and No Flex Zone as well as Fiending by Lyric Anderson and Kevin Gates.

Section Boys is the group behind the song "Lock off," which was recently released. People liked the remix she made of it. She also posted a music video for it on YouTube, but this time she rolled up the video on a channel called linkuptv, which she had previously used to distribute her videos for luckitar and no type. Her remixes have since received over 380 000 views on Soundcloud.

Now, those videos had a lot of views, but the Section Boys remix, Lock Off, had 1.5 million views when it was released.

Stephlon received her own vevo channel shortly afterward, and in 2016, as the lead single for her upcoming mixtape of the same name, she released her first official single, Real Thing.

 The song didn't receive much attention on Soundcloud and has only received about 11,000 plays as of this writing. On YouTube, however, it was a completely different story as her music video gained significant popularity. Currently, this video has received 4 million views, and a remix with gigs would get 3 million more.

However, her subsequent video would surpass them both, and at the time this recording was made, "16 Shots" had approximately 40 million views on YouTube. That video's publication on YouTube in February 2017 signaled the beginning of what would end up being a huge year for the artists.

Steph would also get features from Jay Balvin, Future, and Skepta. She contributed to the song "Better" by Lil Yachty and collaborated with Demi Lovato on the Jax Joe single "Instruction," which peaked at number three on the UK dance chart and 13 on the UK singles chart.

She had had recently acquired a publishing contract with Sony, and in 2017 she will sign a contract with her own label and Universal. She would also get in touch with quality control music's instructor K, who was at the time a friend of her management, that year. The famed featured artist himself, French Montana, who is featured on almost everything, was another new buddy that year.

With over 85 million views on YouTube and an additional 6.7 million on Soundcloud, the song would now become the most popular one to date. The song peaked at number seven on the UK Billboard list and was immediately made the first single for her same-named ep, which was released in January 2018.

Steph received a lot of attention as a result of the song's success and began receiving shout-outs from her favorite artists, including Tyra Banks, Foxy, Lil Kings, and Missy Elliott.

She would continue her productive collaboration in 2018 by working with artists like Big Sean, Halsey, Louis Fonzie, Neo, and Bebe Rehxa. She got a spot on the most talked-about magazine cover in hip hop, XXL freshman class list, and was nominated for a 2018 Bet Award for Best International Ad.

Later, she debuted a brand-new song called "Senseless," which in its first two weeks on YouTube earned approximately 5 million views.

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