Post Malone, Before They Were Famous

 Post Malone's ascent to fame has been rapid. Post Malone quickly rose to prominence after beginning his career on Soundcloud and creating buzz with his tune "White Iverson." He is now one of the greatest stars in contemporary music.

Music lovers of all ages are familiar with Post Malone, whether it's because of his popular songs or his face tattoos. And this is just the man's third album.

Even while it might have appeared that Posty's popularity arrived overnight, it actually took years of experimentation with many sounds and musical genres to develop.

He played in a metal band while residing in Texas prior to becoming famous. After then, he resided with a community of Minecraft YouTubers.

An overview of Post Malone's life and work before becoming famous is provided here.

Post Malone was raised by his father Rich Post, which is his real name, and stepmother Jodie. Austin Richard Post was born on July 4, 1995 in Syracuse, New York.

Rich had no idea that his son would one day be the richest Post. His father was a DJ who played music of different kinds at neighborhood parties, thus music had always run in the family.

Austin developed a love for all kinds of music as a result, including Bob Dylan, Kanye West, Biggie, Hank Williams, and everything in between. 

When he was ten years old, the family relocated to Grapevine, Texas due to his father's new job. Although Grapevine only contains about 50,000 residents, their official website proclaims that "it's always a great time, in grape vine!"

Austin's father was hired to work at AT&T Stadium for none other than the Dallas Cowboys football team as the assistant director of food and drinks.

Of course, his kid received benefits from the position, including free Cowboys game tickets and unlimited food and drink. To be near her son, Austin's birth mother also relocated to Texas.

Before learning to play a real guitar, Post fell in love with Guitar Hero when he was a teenager. He was able to play every song at the expert level, so he concluded that picking up a real guitar was the only reasonable next step.

Post started learning the guitar when his mother gave him one for Christmas. But it wasn't as simple as he had anticipated. His father promised to officially pay for his guitar lessons if he could persevere for six months. So Post took that action.

He learned the fundamentals of playing by watching YouTube lessons. Post won his eighth-grade talent competition after singing a metalcore cover of the hit song "Umbrella" by Rihanna. He also got pretty good.

He was doing any gig he could and singing Guns N' Roses covers at open mic nights. Post made the decision to attempt and join a band in order to further his musical ambitions.

He went to an audition in 2010 for a group called "Crown The Empire" when he was only 15 years old. The band ultimately prevailed in the battle of the bands, but, to cut a long tale short, their guitarist quit. So they went looking and held open auditions since they needed a new member.

Being friends with Post, the former guitarist advised him to attend the auditions. Post was prepared to play, but sadly one of his guitar strings broke during the audition. To me, it seems like fate.

He obviously did not land the job. And Crown The Empire eventually grew to be a very popular band on their own. Post Malone, however, had a perfect outcome.

He did begin playing with a metalcore band in high school after his unsuccessful audition, and we discovered an old video of one of their concerts. Yes, it's really different from the delicate melodies on his modern albums.

But after a brief period of metal, he switched to creating gentler rock music. In order to develop his own sound, Post wanted to combine his exceptional capacity for melody creation with his love of the guitar. On an illegally acquired copy of FL Studios, he started learning how to produce, and on Audacity, he recorded his debut song.

When Post's father informed him he enjoyed his beats, he was overjoyed. So Post played his debut song for his classmates, who approved of it.

After finishing high school in Grapevine, he remained committed to pursuing his original goal of being a professional musician. He was continuously writing songs while he was a student at Texas' Tarrant County Community College. He switched his attention so much to the music that he quit college to devote all of his time to it.

He relocated from Texas to Los Angeles when he was 18 years old. When Post arrived in Los Angeles, he intended to show his mixtape to everyone who would watch. -

"I moved to LA from Dallas to win some godamn Grammys," he said to Young and Recklass.

With one of his close pals Jason Probst, who ran the Minecraft YouTube channel "TrueMU," which stands for Minecraft Universe, Post relocated to Los Angeles. He was a member of the Crafted Minecraft Team.

Jason, though, was a well-established YouTuber who had amassed over 1 million followers. So Jason and his fellow members of the Minecraft group could afford a gorgeous property in the San Fernando Valley. 

You might be thinking that gamers couldn't possibly have so much money. Jason had a private plane when he was only 17 years old, according to Post in a subsequent interview: "When they went out there, the group would post stuff online."

Post participated in some of the skits and covered songs in some of the videos for the viewers.

Even on stage, he joined them for songs like this amazing Coldplay cover about Minecraft. And at some point he produced this now rather iconic video. Additionally, when Post created that video, he was just having fun.

But while Post was staying with his friend, he wasn't earning any money. Post's first year there was quite uneventful; on one occasion, his guitar was even taken.

Post wanted to create a new genre of music that he was truly proud of and was eager to begin recording his original compositions.

He ultimately received studio time because he was working with a group of buddies who knew someone at a studio.

And it was there that he met FKi for the first time. Upon first hearing Post's voice, first knew post was apparently talented.

The two eventually grew close and produced a lot of music together. Post, however, required a focus for his musical style and brand.

Inspired by AI, he got his hair braided and purchased some ice, gold grills, and other accessories. Allen Iverson, an NBA legend, was one of Post's style inspirations.

He initially claimed that he simply chose his name because it sounded good, but he later acknowledged that it was actually the result of a random name generator.

He might have been concerned that as a white youngster with corn rows and gold teeth, no one would take him seriously. But the music did all the talking.

The song "White Iverson," which Post Malone wrote under his new name, was produced by FKi at 7 a.m. and was recorded with Post.

The first song Post Malone ever shared with the public under his new identity was White Iverson. In February 2015, he posted it on his soundcloud account. To say the tune "blew up" would be an understatement. The song initially gained popularity since the artist posted it on his Soundcloud account, but others soon started loving it.

Overnight, White Iverson had 7,000 streams, but soon the song had hundreds of thousands of plays, and then shortly after that, millions.

Early on, his work was published on Complex and Pigeons & Planes, which drove a lot of attention to his page. After that, Post received praise for his songs from famous people like Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa. One morning, he awoke to all of this.

Post attended SXSW and became well-known in the trade. However, filming a music video for his song was the next step. Only $5,000 remained in his bank account, which prevented him from filming a video for "White Iverson."

To film the video in the desert, he borrowed some cash from a buddy and a Rolls Royce.

The video has since received close to a billion views on YouTube because everything—the song, the time, his appearance, and his talent—clicked. I believe he earned back his $5,000 and more.

Later that year, he ended up singing the song live at Kylie Jenner's birthday celebration, and James Harden was fully versed.

At the same party, he also ran into Kanye West, who introduced him and led to his inclusion on the "Life of Pablo" album.

Post Joined Republic Records and toured the globe with Justin Bieber, even causing controversy when they got into a small altercation on the road: But the two later emphasized that they were just having fun!

Of course, Post has had to deal with some cultural appropriation criticism.

Post, however, seems content to pursue his musical interests in solitude.

Post Malone has developed into one of the biggest musical sensations since his first success.

With seven songs that reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart and three number-one singles with "Sunflower," "Psycho," and "Rockstar," his career statistics speak for themselves. The latter became his most popular song to date, earning eight platinum certifications.

I'm confident that as he releases more albums, only more hits will follow. Since his fame, he has much more tattoos, including one below his eyes that reads "Always Tired."

Posty appears to be in a good relationship, but he recently begged supporters to respect their relationship and refrain from posting about who she is!

What a person, he became wealthy and famous while keeping the same women at his side during his ascent to stardom. I'm not sure if they're still dating, but he's developed strong bonds and long-lasting friendships with a few other influential people, such as H3H3 and Nelk.