Meghan Thee Stallion, Life Before Fame

 Megan Thee Stallion is an American rapper, originally from Houston, Texas. She first came to public attention when Instagram and other social media sites saw a spike in demand for videos of her freestyling.

She joined 300 Entertainment, becoming the label's first female rapper, and collaborated with Wale and MoneyBag Yo while receiving Missy Elliot's endorsement. If that wasn't impressive enough, she also completed her college degree while doing all of this.

Rap was in Megan Thee Stallion's blood since she was a child as her mother was a rapper too. Megan wasn't always prepared to share her songs with the public, despite how confident she is now.

At first, Megan was too hesitant to rap for her mother, much less for her high school peers. Megan's dream at the moment was far from the microphone; in fact, she aspired to have a career more akin to Dr. Miami than Dr. Dre. But all of that will be covered in this post.

The Stallion, AKA Tina Snow, AKA Hot Girl Meg, AKA Meg AKA Megan ThEE Stallion was born Megan Pete on February 15, 1995, in Houston, Texas. Megan still expects you to purchase her gifts on both Valentine's Day and her birthday, despite the fact that her birthday is the day after the holiday. Holly, Megan's mother, used to perform as Holly Wood, a rapper. She even had some local radio stations play her songs back in the 1980s, and when Megan was a young child, she would bring her along to the recording studio.

In actuality, a young Megan had her ear stuck to the studio door, listening to mom's bars, while she was supposed to be sitting with her coloring books in the waiting room performing typical child activities. When Megan was just seven years old, she started stealing her mother's beat CDs and creating her own verses. However, Megan wasn't always the confident person she is now.

She endured bullying in elementary school. She kept it a secret until she told her mother in the second grade. She was given permission by her mother to slur everyone at school the following day, just like in the iconic Kevin Hart comedy routine. She went to school and confronted her bullies there. She realized her value at that point and stopped looking back.

She continued to write raps throughout high school, but she kept her spit skills to herself and was still reserved in one area of her life—her rapping skills. She told DJ Booth that she wished she wasn't so shy and had informed someone that she could rap as advice to her younger self. She continues by advising her followers not to conceal their gifts.

As a teacher, Megan's grandma emphasized the value of education in her life from a young age. She did not always have the goal of becoming a rapper. She actually originally desired to become a plastic surgeon. Making others feel their best and most confident has always been a big source of motivation for Megan. Nevertheless, she said to Power 105, "Once I realized how much schooling that takes and blood, guts, and all that, I was like, um, maybe I don't want to do that."

She may be the Cognac Queen today, but when she was a freshman in high school, she claimed that after taking 10 shots, she stood up, took two steps, and then promptly sat down again, this time on the ground.

When she was 18 years old, she observed some of the males freestyling at a kickback while standing by the sidelines. Megan finally had the courage to admit, "Hey, I rap too." At first, the guys present expressed some uncertainty but her spitting impressed everyone. 

Lil Kim, 3-6 Mafia, Biggie, and Tupac are some of her favorite rappers. And she claims that Tony Snow, the alter persona of Pimp C, served as inspiration for her alter ego, Tina Snow. Megan hopes to inspire people to feel the same way they did after being greatly inspired by Pimp C and becoming more self-assured. She kept picturing how sick it would sound if a female rapper delivered some of her favorite male rappers' catchiest lines. She then created the music that she enjoyed listening to as a child.

Regarding the origin of her rap name, she claimed that when she was 15 years old, a guy dubbed her a stallion. It is simply slang for a tall girl who is attractive and has specific qualities, she learned when she went to ask her uncle what it meant.

When she was 18 years old, she finally found the strength to tell her mother that she could rap, which was the hardest thing she had ever done in her rap career. It must be terrifying to rap in front of your parent, who is also a rapper. Her mother initially didn't believe her. Megan's mother was thrilled after hearing her spout her first verse for her, too.

She did not, however, find the profanity in her lyrics to be impressive and advised her to hold off on vulgar music until she was 21. She claimed that when she initially began rapping, everything was quite crude and sexual. Furthermore, no mother actually wants to hear their daughter rap below about their love.

Megan is a woman of her word and held off releasing her debut song until she was 21. Her mother took on the roles of manager and assistant for her, supporting her career and getting to watch her daughter soar to musical heights that she herself could never have achieved. But tragically, her mother passed suddenly from a brain tumor just as Megan was about to blow up.

Prior to all of that, Megan's next professional goal was to become a nurse when she decided that becoming a plastic surgeon wasn't the right choice for her. She originally chose nursing as her major at Texas Southern University.

But after enrolling in a few classes, she discovered how monotonous it was and understood that she would not succeed in that sector if she lacked motivation to learn. But because she had a passion for healthcare, she thought that working as an administrator would better suit her interests. She has a degree in health administration and enjoys business-related activities.

Her objective is to start assisted living communities close to her hometown. Not only to assist those in need, but also so she can employ her college friends as employees there.

When Megan participated in a cypher with rappers from Houston, she started to gain recognition for her music online. The Houston rap culture began to take notice of Megan's bars once she entered the scene over Drake's 4pm in Calabasas track.

A few months later, she posted "Stalli Freestlye" to her YouTube channel. Her confidence and her rapping prowess quickly earned her a million views, and the video subsequently went viral on Instagram and YouTube.

Houston-based independent label 1501, which signed Megan, is a record company. She can be seen wearing a 1501 chain around her neck to represent the people who initially gave her the opportunity to develop her abilities.

A tribute to her favorite artist Pimp C, the Tina Snow Mixtape, which she released shortly after, peaked at number 11 on the iTunes hip-hop rankings, followed by her debut mixtape Rich Ratchet and EP Make it Hot.

Despite claiming to adore Houston, she aspired to establish her name in other US cities and become well-known throughout the world.

And soon, the record company 300 entertainment discovered her potential. The label is home to artists like Young Thug, Shy Glizzy, and Tee Grizzley. She was being flown from Houston to New York to meet with label representatives. She admitted to being quite anxious before the meeting to Rolling Stone.

But all of her nerves vanished when she arrived since there were balloons, a bottle of Hennessy, and a contract for her to sign. She joined the label as the first female rapper, and I have a hunch she won't be the last.

It's a big accomplishment for me and a big deal for a female artist to just come out of Houston and get signed to something in New York,

Megan initially had no trouble juggling job and school, but now that she is starting to make a name for herself, her friends give her the homework assignments she misses when she needs to travel for interviews or gigs.

She admitted to Billboard that only one of her teachers is aware of her fame as a rapper. She aspires to record a song with Queen Bey, a fellow legend of H-Town, in the future. Solange was dancing to one of Beyonce's songs even though she hadn't yet collaborated with the singer.

She is thus undoubtedly moving toward her goals. Most lately, her song Big Ole Freak has gained enormous popularity online, and many people are taking notice of the Big Ole Freak challenge.

Megan is a dedicated writer who eventually declares her desire to pen songs for R&B musicians. She even hopes to write scary movies in the future!

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