All About Lil Pump's Life Before Fame

 Lil Pump is an American rapper who is considered one of the most prominent members of the SoundCloud rap scene and is known for his minimalist music and hyperactive public persona. 

Lil Pump grew up in south Florida as a serious troublemaker who sold and used drugs and got expelled from almost every school he ever attended and has even picked a fight with J Cole. 

He once got a cosign from Lil uzi vert, and collaborated with the likes of lil yachty, chief keef, two chains, gucci mane, rick ross, and of course spoke perp, Lil Pump would blow up on Soundcloud and release his debut self-titled mixtape with songs like Boss, Flex like Oouu, D' Rose, Molly and of course Gucci gang.

At the age of 16, he was dubbed the trapper of the century, but before that, before he amassed a following of over four million on Instagram where he shares glimpses of his xanax-fueled lifestyle, posing with money guns and a lot of cough syrup. He was expelled from a middle school for assaulting a female, and he was expelled from an opportunity high school for allegedly inciting a disturbanc which led to the closure of the entire school and even caused helicopters and dogs to be there.

Lil Pump adored listening to rappers like Chief Keef and Little B, but until 2016 when it was already starting to happen for him, he never truly wanted to become an entertainer himself. In short, his rap career kind of dropped into his lap, and if it hadn't been for his strong friendship with an older lad he'd met when he was just 13 years old, it probably never would have occurred.

On August 17, 2000, Lil pump was born as Gazzy Garcia. He was raised in Miami Gardens after being born in Miami, Florida. Currently, little is known about his early years.

Before he began freestyling, Lil Pump listened to rap music and admired performers like Chief Keef, Lil B, and Fredo Santana.

Back in middle school, Lil Pump got into some major trouble, and it all began with one of Chief Keef's songs. Pump was jamming to the song "Don't lie," and a girl made the decision to tease him for it. He got up and beat the crap out of her after she stuck gum in his hair. 

Lil Pump stated in an interview that that wasn't something he typically did. Lil Pump's cousin Lil Ominous introduced him to Smoke Perp when he was 13 years old, and the two eventually collaborated on a ton of music. They first became friends while playing ball and getting into mischief by breaking windows and smoking.

Pump was only 13 years old, but he was smoking like a grown man, and because of his bad boy behavior, he was expelled from every public school in his district. He was then admitted to an opportunity high school, which resembles a cross between a high school and a prison, complete with metal detectors and security officers who perform pat-downs. Even with that, he was expelled in the tenth grade.

Despite all of that, Lil Pump still managed to incite a riot that involved hounds and helicopters.

Smoke Perp, who is three years older than Lil Pump, eventually persuaded him to start rapping, but initially neither of them had any interest in the genre. Smoke Perp set his goals on working behind the scenes as a producer whereas Lil Pump had no intention of participating in the music business at all. He watched lessons on YouTube to teach himself how to utilize FL Studio. But he had a hard time getting artists to use his beats. In order to move his music, he began rhyming over his own beats. Eventually, he encouraged Lil Pump to do the same.

Lil Pump occasionally performed freestyles but was reluctant to record them. The music, Pump was released on Soundcloud when he ultimately accepted to be recorded, but the boys weren't really taking it seriously. They had other sources of income, such as Lil Pump's job selling Xanax, but when they went online, they noticed that their numbers were rising. He later revealed to XXL that he decided to release additional tracks, such as 30s, Elementary, Ignorant Gank, and Drumsticks, when the popularity of that particular track reached over 7 million views.

Before it was taken down, Lil Pump's hit, Movin, had more than 5 million streams. Additionally, Broke My Wrist was removed. Regardless, Lil Pump had a growing fan base of listeners after releasing a few songs. He then started working on his debut music video while pumping out more songs. He became well-known in the underground rap scene in south Florida thanks to his soundcloud following, and since then, he's performed a ton of shows. In 2016, he co-headlined the no jumper tour.

I wonder why Lil Pump was so upset with the girl who put gum in his hair because later he would be sporting that look anyway. With his newfound fame, Lil Pump made the decision to switch things up by dying his hair blonde and pink.

In the meantime, his social media started to flourish. He would amuse his followers with some rather bizarre posts, which led to the suspension of his twitter account twice. 

Little Pump was currently travelling the nation and giving live performances, so he had too much on his plate to worry about a few detractors. In making his pledge for the 2017 freshmen class, he received some love from XXL. 

Despite not making the list, he is thought to be a strong candidate for 2018. Early in 2017, Lil Pump dropped the singles D'Rose and Boss, both of which were huge hits and received a combined 85 million streams. Lil Pump's "D'Rose" music video was created by Chicago-based Cole Bennett, who has also worked with artists such as Lil Xan, Ski Mask, the Slump God, and Trippie Redd. As of this writing, D'Rose's music video has received over 87 million views on YouTube.

Lil Pump signed a record deal with the lights global and warner brothers recordings, two months before turning 17 years old. In spite of the fact that his debut album wasn't published in August 2018, he did release the song "Gucci Gang" in that month.

Lil Pump's first single to chart on Billboard would be this one. The song would reach its peak at number 5 on the US rap charts, number 14 on the Hot 100, and number 5 on the US r&b and hip-hop charts.

Along with some of his other major songs to date, such as Boss, Flex, Leg ooh, Derose, and molly, the song would be featured on his debut album. On October 13, 2017, Warner Brothers and Lights Global released the self-titled mixtape as a digital download. It had some pretty impressive features, I'm talking about two chains, rick ross, lil yachty chief keef, and gucci mane. 

Of course, smoke perp would also be included in the project. The lil pump mixtape peaked at number two on the rap charts in the United States, as well as in r&b and hip-hop and third on the Billboard Hot 200.

Then, in October 2017, Little Pump made an appearance at the rolling loud festival in Mountain View, California.

In addition, he was included in their roster once more for the festival's San Bernardino, California, installment in December. Now that money is flowing in, Little Pump has enough of girls to choose from, based on what I've seen online. He wants to be the biggest rapper in the world and believes that because he sounds unique, he can dominate the industry.

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