"Well, I would love to inform the world that I am one of the strongest persons to ever live on planet earth and I’m coming with waves they’ve not witnessed before."

Name : Jaiyesimi Richard bolaji 

Stage name : Reanad

Nationality : Nigerian 

Occupation: Artist

Started Career: 2017/2018


Jaiyesimi Richard bolaji who goes by the stage name Reanad has always had a thing for music. Stating his exact words, he said 

" I’ve been into music generally since I was a kid, found myself loving to play music instruments."

Although he had the passion for musical instruments, he never really got a firm grip on anyone, tagging the reason to his extra curiousity to learn all within a limited time frame. 

I can't really recall what I was doing at nine, but Reanad had his first studio record with his friends which at the time were his crew members at the age of nine. Explaining how helpful an individual whom he tagged "a brother that lived down the block" was in making that studio section a success.

"Of course I did not really know much about how it’s done then, I can’t even lay my hand on the record anymore, I don’t know where it is or where it can be found, it was never uploaded on the internet, we just shared it via Bluetooth to everyone’s phone across the street.

Moving further, Reanad admitted not having the zeal to pursue music as a career due to what he termed "my little sense" at that time.

Our anonymous producer who lived down the block moved out and Reanard also moved on with other hobbies he had at that time.

"Fast forward to my secondary days, I had friends/classmates that write music lyrics, then mess around it in everyone’s ear, nobody was really taking it serious."

No one including Reanad, till one of his schoolmates decided to go a step further, a single step which would turnout to be the step of conviction for Reanad.

Having a friend who motivated you to follow your passion and promised to foot a studio section bill for you with his mum's credit card but later curving you out is quite a lot for some people to handle, but not for Reanad. Thanks to HemmzyOnTheTrack, A guy that really helped Reanard get his foot steady at that time.

 What Challenges Did You Face While Starting Up As An Up-and-coming Artist?

For Reanad, his dad was one of his challenges, Not being a "fan" of music, he had some conflicting opinions with his dad at some point and would have to go out of his way to get things done. Being a minor and having a different view from your dad's could also land you in a state of financial problems, yh this was and probably is Reanads challenge.

"Everyone was amazed about the talent, some did not really give a concern while some kept fueling the burning fire. My brothers believe I will be the major breakthrough we’ve been longing for, so they put all in all for my art."

Who Are Your Favourite Artists?

For Reanad, he has Rema and Oxlade as his favourites, for those who aren't aware, Rema and Oxlade are both Nigerian Sensational artists who are hitting their names on the Afrobeats wall of fame.

What's Your Advice For Other Up-and-coming Artists?

Reanad says you should keep doing what you do even if the world ain't watching..From a more honest approach, this is actually more difficult than it appears. Imagine spending time and money releasing a track only to get 4 views, two from you and the others from your siblings.. 

But in a world of much diversity, only the consistent survives.. that's the real deal.

Speaking more on his personality, Reanad said

"By the way I interact, many people don’t know I’m an introvert that ghost away and hibernate in tough times not to weight the problems on any one else’s shoulder. I get so good at any thing my heart falls In love with of which many people don’t know about me. I was almost a spoilt brat due to my dads pampering lol 😂 but I can assure everyone that I’ve redeemed myself after growing."


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