Sugar Hill DDOT is the newest internet superstar to come out of the New York drill scene, amassing a networth of about $300,000, as of 2022. 

This kid hasn't yet reached his adolescent years and he's already spending more money on social media than the rest of us will probably ever see. But it doesn't mean that everything has been great throughout this young man's quick rise to fame. In fact, he was only recently forced to deal with the loss of one of his best friends, fellow young rapper Notti Osama, a few months ago. 

Full name: Darrian Jimenez

Stage name: SugarHill DDOT

Nationality: 🇺🇸 American

Year started Music: 2021

Genre of Music: Hip-pop/ Rap

Early Life

Darrian Jimenez was born on March 8, 2008, to a Dominican family who resided in Harlem, Sugarhill, bordering Jackie Robinson Park.

If we look at where DDOT is from, it's not surprising that he was inspired to start rapping. A significant portion of SugarHill Ddot's personality will be influenced by the abundance of drugs, crime, and gang activity in the neighborhood in addition to the vibrant music and cultural scene.

And though Sugar Hill has quite a lot of wealthy areas, not everyone who grew up there appears to have had that experience. It certainly wasn't the case for DDOT, who spent a significant amount of his life hustling on the neighborhood streets in order to survive. Let's not forget that this kid is still only 13 years old.


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DDOT grew up watching high-caliber television shows like Nickelodeon's The Fairly Odd Parents, but it wasn't until he got sucked into Fox's well-liked hip-hop series "Empire" that he first saw what goes on behind the scenes in the music business. DDOT claimed that as a child, he didn't listen to a lot of music, though he occasionally got down to some classic Tupac. 

When he wasn't listening to Tupac, he would crank up some Chris Brown Classics. He had no idea that he would soon be producing some of his own Classics. Sugar Hill DDOT was mostly motivated to pick up a microphone for the first time after observing some of his neighbours, colleagues, and associates succeed in the rapidly flourishing drill rap market. 

I'm referring to artists with names like Edot Baby and Shai K who frequently asked DDOT to appear in the background of their music videos even though he wasn't performing. Edot baby was the one who specifically took DDOT under his wing and advised the youngster to think about taking rap more intently. 

He must have said something that got through because Sugar Hill DDOT started recording his own material instead of waiting till he was a little bit older.

His Music Career

He started off his career with a few popular clips over on triller before releasing his first actual songs on YouTube and SoundCloud , with singles like 'Too tact' and 'Everybody shot' as well as 'Evil twins', where he performed alongside his close buddy and fellow early adolescent Notti Osama.

He usually posted a few music videos on the "Raps and Hustle" YouTube channel before starting his own YouTube channel and releasing singles like "Reality Warzone" and "I want to love you," all of which now routinely garner stream counts in hundreds of millions. 

Then, in the summer of 2022, he collaborated with Notti Osama to produce the fittingly named "Evil twins 2," the follow-up to "Evil twins." However, tragedy struck just a few weeks before he was scheduled to debut the corresponding music video, and DDOT was forced to bear the biggest loss of his young life.

The 14-year-old rapper Notti Osama, whose real name is Ethan Reyes, has been DDOT's most frequent musical collaborator thus far in his career. Reyes was allegedly stabbed at least once in the stomach during an argument that began with some sort of street quarrel and spilled into the 137th Street-City College subway station. ********************************

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Although the police have hinted at the accused, the precise cause of this altercation has not been disclosed. The accused person stabbed Reyes while attempting to flee the scene after being confronted by Notti and other friends while waiting for the City College subway stop.

The entire incident was captured on security tape, and he was later detained by police. First-degree manslaughter and criminal possession were the charges brought against him.

Osama was one of six children, and his older brother DD is also a rapper. DD Osama is another talented and rising performer in the drill rap scene. In reality, DDOT has collaborated with Notti and DD on music videos for songs like "Too tact" and "40s and Nines."

Naturally, DDOT was particularly devastated by Nadi's passing because he regarded him as the closest thing to a brother he could have without being linked by blood. DDOT claimed that when he initially learned what had occurred, he darn near went insane. Now that his friend has died, this young boy is more motivated than ever to excel and achieve his ultimate goal of dominating the Bronx drill scene for both himself and his fallen friend.


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We sincerely hope Sugar Hill DDOT lives up to these high expectations, or else he risk becoming lost in the drill music's increasingly congested scene.