Why Many Think Jackie Chan's Son Jaycee Is A Failure

Jackie Chan is definitely one of the the most famous and well-liked actors on the planet. Probably everyone knows the incorrigible Jackie but we might know very little about his family and especially about his eldest son, Jaycee Chan. For those who know him, the latter is a an unknown Chinese pop singer who still can't break through and who has suffered a veritable descent and his recent years have been hell. He is also a critical and commercial fiasco and a stay in prison. 

 But how does this happen that Jaycee Chan was unable to follow through in the footsteps of his father who succeeded in everything or almost, who juggles between money and everything else. And what kind of relationship exists between the two gentlemen?

To better answer this question, we need to travel Back a bit in time to when Jaycee was still a teenager in the upscale suburbs. The young Los Angeles, California boy was born and raised in luxury. and since he is an only child and has  star parents, it can really be said that He was greatly spoiled by them.

 Especially by his mother Joan Lin, a former Taiwanese actress, who married Jackie Chan. The couple gave birth to their son in 1984. While Joan wanted her son to have the good things of life easily, Jackie was of a different opinion and wanted to be an inspiration to his son, making him learn the value of working hard and not giving up.

 Jackie certainly doesn't want his  only son to endure the torments of destitution, as many of his age did, but he still wanted to instill in him a sense of values and respect for work, but little Jaycee is obviously of a different temperament because he exhibits from a young age a strong proclivity for luxury and late outings with friends. 

The young boy's whims will become much It gets worse when he reaches old age. of adolescence Jaycee's passion for luxury cars and Nightclubbing was exponential. They would indulge in all sorts of excesses, while spending his father's money like crazy.

 His school life soon affected his hygiene. And Little J ended up turning away from his studies. He left the William and Mary prestigious college in Williamsburg after only two semesters of unjustified absences. This decision to stop his studies was badly received by Jaycees parents who, like all parents, dreamed of an excellent academic career for their son, but their son didn't care. and to avoid having to listen to mother's bullying Jaycee decided to fly to Hong Kong, where he he wanted to start a musical career.

 So far from his parents control over him, Jaycee sought to truly liberate himself in order to find the path to fame and fortune just like his father did  a few decades ago. At least that's what he thought. By moving to Hong Kong in 2003, Jaycee sought to break into canterpop, a musical genre that a mix of western pop and traditional Chinese music He fell in love with this musical genre which is very popular in Hong Kong. 

  He therefore composed his first song. His Cantapop's fourth studio album was released in 2004. "Simply Jaycee" for which he is responsible. He wrote most of the lyrics, but despite the impressive marketing campaign surrounding the release of this album, It was not very well received by the public. 

 This was the first time he failed both to the public and commercially. It will be quickly followed by a number of others failures in Jaycee Chan's budding career. Indeed, the latter decided to make a film in order to boost his popularity with the public. It is indeed what his father did in the 1980s.

 Since the great Jackie Chan is also a singer who has already released 20 albums that he composed himself. Because in Hong Kong, film and music are two almost inseparable arts.

 Unfortunately, he won't enjoy the same level of success in the movies as his well-known father, and most of the movies he makes have received poor reviews from critics. In addition, he rarely plays the lead role in these movies, which makes it difficult for audiences to recognize him as the star's son from Hong Kong.

Jc even goes so far as to choose Chinese citizenship instead of American citizenship. It must be acknowledged that the romantic dramatic and comedic registers in which the young man launches himself do not have many followers in the Chinese megalopolis, despite the fact that the young man believed that this act, which in his opinion demonstrates his high degree of patriotism, would be enough to restore his reputation in Hong Kong and draw spectators to the darkened halls for his premieres. The popularity of kung fu movies and action comedies among Hong Kong residents served as the perfect recipe for his father Jackie Chan's success.

JC's feature films are still receiving negative reviews and box office failures. His film double trouble, which was released in 2012, for instance, only made $9000 in box office receipts in Hong Kong and no more than $45,000 in the United States. His films are actually so bad that the Chinese government had to issue a mandate requiring them to be played in only half of the country's cinemas. Despite this requirement, these turnsips interest no one and almost always show disastrous box office figures.

Therefore, despite all of his father's encouragement and his contacts in the entertainment industry, JC is erasing the most painful artistic failures from all angles. Jackie chan, aware of this fact and determined to inspire his son, will even go as far as to publicly disinherit the young man who tried to seduce the Chinese public, who ultimately saw him as a vulgar playboy who spent a lot of money and had no talent other than being his father's son.

 Jackie chan has said that he will bequeath his money to charity rather than to his son because if he is not able to make a fortune on his own. Jaycee was later accused of drug possession, and the police discovered more than 85 grams of marijuana after conducting a thorough search of the apartment. At the time of his arrest, J.C. feels as though his entire world is about to fall apart because he is aware that he is in grave danger.

The People's Republic of China has zero tolerance for drugs in an effort to lessen the social ill and successfully combat drug trafficking. While his friend, the Taiwanese actor kaiko, is ultimately released by the police after two weeks, the Chinese judicial system administers the harshest punishments, even going as far as the death penalty or life in jail, while Jc is facing very serious legal allegations.

The charges against Jackie chan's son include drug possession and use as well as harboring others for consumption. These offenses, which are very serious in China, are likely to land you on the firing squad or at the very least, bury you alive in a filthy prison in Mongolia with no chance of escape. Jc will spend the longest and most torturous hours of his life awaiting trial, which is made more difficult because he can't really rely on his father because Actually, Jaycee's parents were so angry and unhappy with their son that they skipped his hearing. 

Jc's trial began on January 9, 2015, in Beijing. After spending the equivalent of 148 days in detention, he was ultimately given a sentence of six months in prison and a fine of 2000 yuan, or about 320 dollars. Considering the maximum sentences he could have received, this sentence was fortunate to say the least, especially considering that he had already served more than four months of the six months in question.

After his son completed his term and paid his fine, the renowned actor did not contact any of his high-ranking acquaintances to try to make his son's time in jail more pleasant and comfortable. Jaycee was finally released on February 13, 2015, and moved to live with his mother in Taipei. Since his release from prison, he has grown up a lot and maintained a low profile, staying away from the hectic parties and nightlife of his youth. He has repeatedly apologized for breaking Chinese law by using drugs and setting a poor example for his audience.

In Hong Kong, where his career is already on the decline and no producer wants to work with him anymore, Jc's desire to resume his artistic career has been permanently suppressed by his imprisonment. After being abandoned by the public and industry professionals, he eventually returns to the United States, a country he probably never should have left. 

His absent subscriber talent and his blatant lack of charisma at the opposite end of the spectrum from his father did not pave the way for success for him, but even so, even though Since J.C. will have only released three albums thus far, very far from the 20 albums of music produced by his father Jackie. With this many have the conclusion that he is a failed child but as the saying goes, where there is life, there is hope.