Technological advancement including the vast use of Artificial Intelligence has changed the course of the world today and the entertainment industry is surely not left out. Just recently, a major record label Capitol records signed a virtual rapper who goes by the name FNMeka.

This virtual rapper powered by the use of Artificial intelligence began its rise to fame from the popular Tiktok social media, having over a million followers there with some of its followers spilling over to Instagram, reaching about 150k followers there.

 The robot rapper operates by using its AI backup to analyze popular songs and then generate it's lyrics from them. Although it still uses human voice in its process, word has it that soon a more robot oriented  voice will be used.

As expected, many have bluntly stated their discomfort and opinion on this move as there is a popular opinion that there are lots of human talents untapped, why will anyone choose an AI virtual artist to an actual human rapper.

Others, being more logical have asked how responsible it is for an Ai powered racially ambiguous digital personality to use the word "nigga" and promote gun violence freely, seeing that some artists have had to receive a stick both in the  court room and online for their lyrics.

All these questions are not really relevant to Mr Ryan Ruden, Executive Vice president for Experiential Marketing and Business Development for Capitol Records as he stated that FNMeka meets the criteria for an equal dose of Music, Technology and Gaming Culture.

 As stated by Mr Antony Martini, co-founder of Factory New (FNMeka's parent label), Soon this virtual rapper will be able to perform other advanced activities which includes collaborating with other computers.

He also explained to The Daily Beast in 2021 that he believes the virtual artist is no different from DJ Marshmello and some other contemporary artists. He goes on to say " You Could look at a guy like Marshmello - he's not real for all intents and purpose either. He could be a digital being too and it wouldn't make any difference for the fans of his music."

Hopefully in the future we'll be attending virtual concerts in the metaverse and artists like FN Meka will be the Drake or Jayz or Lil Wayne of that time.

All these would have been possible but recent news has it that he's been dropped by capitol records after multiple backlash from individuals around the world... This is the fastest an artist has ever been dropped from a label.