Who hasn't dreamed of hitting the lotto jackpot?

Just think of all the luxurious residences, upscale meals, and perhaps even a yacht to cruise the Mediterranean with that kind of money!

Everything sounds fantastic!

But it's not as easy as it would seem to win the jackpot.

The majority of people dream of winning the lottery, but they should exercise caution when doing so.

Lottery winners typically don't experience anything other than strained relationships, ruined marriages, misery, or even death.

You know, winning the lottery may seem like a dream come true, but as soon as the money comes in, ungrateful and bitter relatives, con artists, and charity cases emerge out of hiding.

Many lottery winners end up destitute because of a string of bad decisions they make.

Let's start with the most absurd lottery winning number...

Dickerson Tonda Lynn 

Tonda Dickerson received an odd tip while working as a waitress at Waffle House.

Her client didn't have any cash left, so he left a lottery ticket instead.

He was unaware that his actions would have a lasting bad effect on this woman.

Later that week, she discovered she had won $10 million in the lottery.

The other Waffle House staff members were thrilled since they had already arranged to split the money prior to the lottery drawing.

On the other side, Tonda didn't know there was a contract and wanted to keep the money for herself.

As a result of her actions, she eventually won several cases filed against her, which taught her the importance of protecting her property.

This was the reason Tonda and her family established a corporation.

In the meantime, she was being pursued by the IRS for failing to pay taxes on shares she handed to her family through the business.

She argued with them but failed, owing $1.1 million in taxes as a result.

After spending all the money, Tonda eventually found employment as a poker dealer at the Golden Nugget Casino in Mississippi.

Back to being an employee, this is a perfect example of what bulk money does to a small minded individual.

Lara and Roger Griffiths 

Lara and Roger Griffiths got divorced less than ten years after the British couple won $2.19 million in the lotto.

Roger spent a substantial sum of money to have his band release an album in order to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star.

Lara grew acclimated to the high life after the pair made investments in exotic cars, a $1 million residence, designer clothing and accessories, and an expensive private school for their kid.

They invested a lot of money in opening a salon, and Lara was ultimately forced to work there as an employee to make ends meet. Funny right?

In the end, the couple had less than $10 and their romance was over. Again they didn't invest in exotic cars and $1million mansion, because all those are liabilities not assets.

Toby Rogers 

Callie Rogers was another young English winner who became wealthy, but in contrast to the other two, she was far less mature and unprepared to handle her newfound wealth.

At the age of just 16, Rogers earned the equivalent of $2.3 million in 2003.

Ten years later, in 2013, she only had a little bit more than $2,500 in the bank.

She used the cash for parties, fancy apparel, presents, plastic surgery, drugs, and other things. About $300,000 of Rogers' spending was on cocaine alone.

Due to Callie's decisions, who is 33 at the time of this post, she is now compelled to live off government benefits.

But since then, she has felt a lot stronger and completely different.

She said, "It was too much money for someone so young," in a recent interview. Do you agree with that? I don't..

"Even though you promise that nothing will change your life, this is often not the case". 

"Fortunately, I've recovered and am now more powerful than ever. It nearly destroyed me". She added.

Curtis Sharp 

Curtis Sharp won $5 million in the New York lottery in 1982.

Unfortunately, his story was one of going from nothing to having everything and back to nothing.

Only five years had passed since he had taken home the $5 million jackpot when the money was long gone in 1987.

Due to several failed marriages, gambling outings, thoughtless spending on sports cars, and excessive gift-giving to friends and family, Sharp's wealth would vanish far too soon.

Curtis is a minister in Tennessee right now.

Before spending any of their winnings, he recommended fellow winners to stop and collect their thoughts.

 Adam Evelyn 

Evelyn Adams made lottery history in New Jersey in 1985 and 1986 when she won two large jackpots in quick succession.

She won a bit more than $5.4 million in all.

But unlike so many other lucky winners, Adams was unable to get out of her way.

As a result of her compulsive gambling, she lost the majority of her money to the casino in Atlantic City.

She also overspent on pricey gifts for family members, designer clothing, and a series of bad investment choices, all of which completely wrecked her wealth.

Adams allegedly lost everything and relocated to a trailer house according to Forbes.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to believe the tales of some of the DUMBEST lottery winners we have come across thus far.

But prepare yourself because things are going to become even stranger!

Up next is...

Arcand Lisa

In 2004, Lisa took home a $1 million lottery jackpot in Massachusetts.

She made home purchases and took numerous vacations, much as previous winners.

She threw a spectacular dinner for 20 of her friends and family and placed repeated orders for $200 each bottle of wine.

She enrolled her son in a prestigious school and bought fancy furniture for her home.

Lisa decided to open a restaurant as a means of income after realizing that $1 million didn't go very far after taxes.

Lisa had no prior knowledge in managing finances or operating a restaurant.

Sadly, the lack of business forced her to close the establishment.

Lisa's money was gone by 2007, almost three years after winning the lotto.

Wilson Marva

In the Missouri Lottery, Marva Wilson won $2,000,000 in 2012.

Freya Pearson, a reliable friend, promised to help Wilson with his taxes and financial management.

Wilson, on the other hand, fell victim to Pearson's deception, allowing her access to Wilson's other bank account and authorizing the transfer of $400,000 of her income to a bank account she had set up.

Pearson started a spending binge that included renting an apartment, going on vacation, and playing video games.

In the end, Pearson was convicted of fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering and given a 5-year sentence; however, it was too late to get the money back.

Thanks to Pearson, Wilson's money was completely gone in less than two years.

Canada's Nationals Ibi and Joseph Roncaioli 

Joseph and Ibi Roncaioli were already fairly wealthy when Ibi Roncaioli won $5 million in a lottery in 1991.

Their neighbors thought of them as a happy elderly couple.

Their formerly opulent lifestyle altered when Joseph discovered Ibi had spent all of their life savings on her alcohol and gambling addictions.

The cherry on top was the $5 million she gave to a hidden son she had with another man before marrying Joseph.

Just a few years later, Ibi was found unconscious in her home.

An autopsy showed that she had been poisoned.

Joseph said he was checking for blood because of her poor health, but the prosecution exposed his deception and sentenced him to seven years in prison.

A sad end to a relationship that was probably already broken.

Khan Urooj Along with Ibi Roncaioli, other winners have also perished.

Urooj Khan moved to America from India in 1989 and opened a dry cleaning business in Chicago.

Years later, he bought a winning lottery ticket for $1 million. Instead of taking the lump sum, which was $424,000 after taxes, he chose to take the lump sum.

But he never did see a dime.

He never received the check because he passed away the day it was written.

His assets were a point of contention between his wife and stepdaughter.

The indications of cyanide in his blood samples discovered during an autopsy led officials to believe that he may have been poisoned with this fatal substance.

Police allegedly stated that the case is "an active and open investigation," but nothing has been done about it to yet.

We have reached number one, Willie Hurt

Willie Hurt was a well-known individual in his community to 1989 and a contentedly married father of four.

In 1989, Hurt won the $3.1 million Michigan Super Lotto jackpot.

When the crack epidemic was at its worst, Hurt was deeply engaged in the commotion.

His riches were used to fund a debilitating crack addiction.

Hurt was accused of having an affair with a lady while on a multiday drug and alcohol binge, got divorced shortly after, lost his fortune, lost custody of his children, and was imprisoned.

According to Hurt's attorney, the money was used to sustain his difficult marriage and crack addiction.

In 1991, only two years after winning, the $3.1 million was already a distant memory.

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