" I am a man of my own, I know they say if you go with other you'll go far but what if no one wants to go with you? you should always be prepared to go on your own as bonds ends or were always fake."

Full name: Tshepiso Masisi

Stage name: Babykowld

Nationality: 🇿🇦South Africa 

Year started in music: 2010

Genre: hip hop 


Tshepiso Masisi, a fast rising hip-hop artist  hails from South Africa. He is an independent artist and refers to himself as a man of his own, hoping that someday hell meet individuals with mutual interests and they could grow together.

"I trust somewhere someday I'd meet those who we both see assets out of each other and be prosperous together, but for now being a lone pair is a journey I've embarked"

Who inspires you as a musician?

For Masisi,  Lil Wayne, Brenda, Trippie red, The game, Amanda black and  Boys II men are his favourite artists and he draws his inspiration from them.

What Advice do you have for other Artists?

Masisi believes strongly in the saying that opportunities come around once in a while and at that, shouldn't be taken for granted. He also emphasized the importance of being prepared for what awaits you. This could be done through constant practice and a steady flow of determination from within. "don't take opportunities for granted and opportunities come and go, if you fail on one prepare for another one heading your way.

What were your major challenges starting up as an artist?

The major challenge Masisi faced was as his studio sessions, getting studio equipments and finding the whole recording sessions. 

This is a problem with most artists as the cost of standard studio equipments are expensive and they seem to be out of reach to most artists. 

Masisi added that he had to save to purchase his own studio equipments. This was how he overcame that challenge.

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