All About Lil Xan's Crude Life Before Hitting The Spotlight

 Before commemorating his song Xanarchy with yet another song, before little Xan blew up on soundcloud dropping tracks like Slingshot, Been bout it, Who are you and betrayed, before performing at his first sold out show at The roxy theater in west hollywood in october of 2017 and getting featured on lyrical lemona...

Little Xan, has his real name as Diego, born on September 6, 1996, and raised in Redlands, California. While this may come as a surprise to some of his fans given that Little Xan frequently works with people from Ohio, Redlands was not the best place for him to develop as an artist because there isn't a scene there and everyone gets along with everyone, making it difficult to make friends. 

Diego is of Mexican descent, and we don't know what his father's name is, but we do know that he was raised by both of his parents. We know this because Xan has a tattoo of his mother's name on his left cheek; the young man has been getting tattoos since he was 18 years old, and the placement isn't exactly intended to be simple to conceal.

He began by getting several tattoos on his hands, the most noticeable of which is a tattoo that reads Fuck off. He then got a few neck tattoos and several tattoos on his face, including three zeds that stand for his Xanax use on his right cheek. "I choose the tattoo locations that are the most ignorant, but I do it because it's art. Without a doubt, getting these facial tattoos improved my life, and I love them for that" he said.

Xan states that his parents have always supported his music and don't mind the face tattoos because he had a difficult time with drugs and school.

 Xan dropped out of high school when he was in the ninth grade, and he began using xanax around 2013. He first tried the drug by mixing it up with mountain dew. Around this time, he was also using narcotics, benzos, and lean. 

Diego began rapping in April of 2016; prior to that, he was a huge fan of Stephen Canon and would frequently go to his shows to take pictures. He grew up listening to artists like Della Seoul and a Tribe Called Quest; he also enjoys Mac Miller. However, the artist he claims inspired him most was a man by the name of Playboy Cardi.

After becoming friends with Xan, steven and his crew hired him as their unofficial photographer. When his camera was stolen at a concert, he had to choose between paying 1200 for a replacement or 20 for a recording session. Deciding to try recording music instead, he joined artists like Stephen Canon, Aerys Ray, and Xan Frank to form the Low Gang Collective. Of course, he decided to take photos of the group to immortalize them.

Lil xan dropped his first song on soundcloud Xany montoya in the spring of 2016. he followed that track up with wolverine featuring steven cannon.

also in 2016 he dropped and bowed it which has been streamed over 1.1 million times and who are you which is over 2.1 million place round was dropped around february of 2017 and has gone on to reach over half a million plays on soundcloud

That april he drops slingshot which has received about 4.2 million streams.

The rum would follow in june of 2017 the next month he would drop heartbroke pink roses and his most popular song to date betrayed saga's team would drop no love.

He commemorated the release of the song with another face tattoo this one inked by sean lindauer of high seas tattoo.

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