Why Lori Harvey And Michael B Jordan Split

   After eliminating every trace of Michael B Jordan on her Instagram handle, it seems that Lori Harvey, daughter of the popular Tv show host Steve Harvey and Actor Michael B Jordan have parted Ways. 

Born  13 January 1997 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States.. the 25 year  American model, entrepreneur, and socialite(Lori Harvey) has been dating  the American actor for what seems to be a year. 

   The day or manner in which the two went their separate ways is unclear but they have not been posting about each other for months now. 

    The two first got together in November 2020 and celebrated their one year anniversary last year, but it seems like one wanted much while the other just wanted some.
   Given that Mike is not a frequent poster on social media, one wouldn't be so surprised that the last time he had a picture of himself and Lori up, was during the Oscars season in March. While Lori the frequent poster hasn't had him up for a while now  as she even appeared at the Met Gala without Michael B Jordan in sight.

    A true fan or follower can attest to the fact that the two lovers made a reasonable storm in Hollywood at the peak of their relationship and it seemed like Michael was even ready to take the relationship to the next level as he met Lori's family and attended some harveys get togethers.
  While one couldn't be so sure, It's obvious that the couple didn't have the same thing going on in their mind. Popular and familiar  sources indicate that Michael wanted more while  there was no clarification or pushback from Lori's perspective ... which seems to suggest she didn't necessarily want the same thing as him. With the turn out of events the couple might be feeling the heat of the separation at the moment. But if it happened thus, then it's probably for the best. 

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