Is Chris Brown Better Than Michael Jackson? Ending The Debate.

 Chris Brown has the moves, the fan base, and a list of songs that accurately define his popularity. This King of Rhythm & Blues is considered to be one of the most influential musicians in this genre. However, is it fair to say he’s better than Michael Jackson? Chris doesn't believe so. 

In an odd display of self-awareness, Chris Brown has announced he will no longer allow comments claiming that he is better than the King of Pop. During his appearance on Big Boy TV, the 'Beautiful People' singer immediately shut down any comparison when the Los Angeles radio host told him: You've always given it to Michael Jackson.

To which Breezy replied there was nothing false about his stance, adding: 'Cap,' meaning to lie or exaggerate; thankfully I found out a better definition of what that means via Urban Dictionary before this time...

I wouldn't even be breathing or singing a song if Michael didn't exist, added Breezy. So I don't know if they compare it to Jordan and Kobe (probably not) but I can't even look at it - MJ's light years ahead.

 Continuing the statement, he says: Hell no. There is no competing with him. 'Hell naw', I ain't better than MJ.

   Despite personally quenching the long lasting debate, some die hard fans were not still satisfied as numerous twitter users still had some arguments to make on this particular topic.