Best Paying Streaming Platforms For Beginners And Upcoming Artists.

 It's the 21st century and most artists get rewarded for their music mostly by pay per stream platforms asides tours and shows against the conventional sales of Compact disk recordings.

   Following the taxing procedures of vocals, mixing, mastering and more to produce a great sound, the labourer is definitely worthy of his wages. Today we bring the best paying streaming platforms for beginners and upcoming artists.

   There are a handful of streaming platforms available on the net today, some have been around long enough to stand the test of time, while others are still relatively new to the space. 

   When choosing a platform to host your music and get paid for streams, one should not only consider the pay rates but also the potential reach and chances of more traffic on that platform..

  Youtube for instance can boast of over 2 billion active users but are lagging in the pay ranking. The final choice is to be made by the artist based on what the true desire is.. Of course, there is mostly no law preventing you from going for them all..

   In no particular order, the first on the list is 


peleton pays you $0.03 per stream which means a whooping  $30 per thousand streams. This is considered to be on the higher side compared to some other steaming platforms.  The reason is not far fetched Peleton is not only a streaming platform but involves in other activities relating to fitness and more. So they pay for both the song and it's use within their platform for other performance based activities causing the streaming restrictions they have.


I'm quite confident that even people living under a rock know about Spotify, the ground breaking streaming platform that has come to stay. Spotify pays about $0.0035 per stream which might be considered a low one by some but not that bad when compared to other streaming platforms considering their large user base. 

Apple Music:

Offering $0.00675 per stream, apple music makes sure it has all latest tracks and best sound for it's listeners. Apple tries really hard to set a standard in all they do and indeed Apple music isn't left out.


Napster has been around for a while and pays anywhere around $0.0098 per stream, leaving you with $9.8 per thousand streams and $9800 per million streams. Some are of the opinion that it is gradually going off the global market.


There's no doubt to the sound quality Deezer provides. This platforms aims at providing the best support they can for artists in the music industry. The pay $0.0056 per hit, enabling artists earn 5$ per thousand streams.


I could bet a dollar that you've visited youtube this week..Youtube has the most user base and your work has much potential of reaching a wider audience but unfortunately, this has an impact on the pay as they offer only $0.0015 per stream. leaving artists with $1.5 per thousand streams.


Thanks to Facebooks multi monetization features, Facebook has the most payment on our list today..(bet you thought it was Peleton)  Facebook pays $0.05 per view but receive an ironically lesser stream demand considering it's facebook we're talking about here. 

 Other include Google play music with $0.00554 per stream , Pandora with $0.0020, Tidal with $0.008( on the higher side), Yandel LLC with $0.001 and TDC play with $0.009.


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