Not many actors can lay claim to having taken over the box office universe but that is exactly what Tom Holland has managed to achieve, the Spiderman actor has had an amazing impact on world cinema in the last few years, starring in some of the biggest movies of the year and in the process becoming one of the biggest actors on the planet.

 He has one of the most coveted roles in all of Hollywood playing Spiderman who is arguably the most famous superhero in the world, his first trilogy of Spiderman portrayals has been a hit and in 2022 when Marvel Studios and Sony Entertainment announced that there will be another trilogy of Spiderman movies with Holland, he is now set to grab the record of being the first actor to star in two superhero trilogies. 

He played the role of Nathan Drake in the movie Uncharted, a film about the popular video game series of the same name. He is currently estimated to have a net worth of $18 million, and he is just 25 years old. How exactly did this talented young man get to this point? Let’s dive in and take a look.

It all began with Tom Holland’s love of Janet Jackson’s music, as a child he enjoyed dancing to those beautiful tunes and his mother who was in the creative industry herself was impressed by her young son’s ability to “bust some moves” and so she signed him up for a dancing class at Nifty Feet Dance School in Wimbledon.

 The dance school participated in the 2006 Richmond Dance Festival and Holland was part of the troupe, during the performance he caught the eye of Lynne Page, a choreographer and an associate to Peter Darling who was the choreographer of Billy Elliot the Musical.

 Page decided to set up an audition for Holland to see if the musical needed his talents and it turned out he had exactly what they were looking for in a particular role. The musical’s director praised Holland’s talents and described him as a very natural actor. 

Holland still needed some fine-tuning to be able to star in the musical and so for two years he trained in tap dancing, ballet and acrobatics. The latter would prove instrumental in him snatching up one of the biggest roles in Hollywood a few years later. Holland also picked up an interest in gymnastics during this time and ultimately played the role of Michael Caffrey, best friend to the protagonist in the musical.

 At this point, Holland was still trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life but as a young child he had already developed a good work ethic.

 This became evident when he decided to still perform stage (after contracting tonsilitis) on his first day after being promoted to the lead role despite his ailment. His performance that night was widely praised and it became apparent that young Holland was going to become a star.

 Later on, he was part of the voice cast for the English dub of Arriety, a Japanese animated film. In 2011, Holland was cast in The Impossible, a movie about the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. It was during his work on this role that Holland fell in love with acting and decided on pursuing a career in acting. He began guest starring in miniseries and did a voice role in the movie Locke. 

In 2015, Holland starred in the movie “In The Heart of the Sea” alongside Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth who at the time had starred in a few movies for Marvel Studios as The Mighty Thor was impressed with Holland who didn’t need a stunt double as he performed all his stunts, Hemsworth was also impressed with Holland’s work ethic as both of them were tasked with losing some weight for the role and Holland, a young actor at the time took it all in stride.

 This left a mark on Hemsworth and when he went back to work for Marvel he spoke highly of Holland to the Marvel hierarchy. At that time, Marvel was searching for an actor to portray Peter Parker and so they contacted Holland for an audition. 

Holland auditioned alongside 1500 other actors for the role during which his background in gymnastics and acrobatics, his boyish charm and his ability to act so naturally set him apart from the rest and so in June 2015, Holland signed a six picture deal with Marvel Studios and has gone on to headline some of the biggest movies the studio has produced including a Spiderman trilogy.

 He is currently one of the most sought after actors in the world and is well loved by fans all over the world. The young actor is set to go far in the industry and has shown interest in working behind the camera later on in his career. It has been an amazing journey for Holland and the amazing part of it is that he will go on to achieve a lot more.