Growing a youtube channel can be quite taxing. It takes Patience, Consistency and Constant Improvement on your content.

It's more like a journey. A journey to four thousand watch hours and 1000 subscribers. This is the first mistake many make.

(1) Youtube Channel Is Not A Journey To Monetization. If you take your brand new channel from scratch as a journey, you might never get to a destination. Your channel should be an experience, a passion , a practice you love.

Most youtube videos out there on how to build your channel spread lies without revealing things you should know. First question. Why am I starting a Youtube channel? 

  Of course the monetization is a good reason, but the passion has to be there. like 80/20 passion to monetization ratio. 

With more passion, you'll not be rushed to make the other mistakes below. Here's a tip, pick a hobby or activity you give more of your time to and create a channel around it. If you enjoy doing that, make it more creative and dish out your content to the public.

you enjoy gaming? create a game enjoy cooking?, baking? swimming? basketball? football? animation? drawing? etc name'll likely have more success in that area.

Here's the mindset you'll need, I'll post the best video I can, as often as I can. I'll attract the best set of people that will like my content and deliver my best to them. I'll create an online community and give them the best service and in turn, Youtube will pay me for my services.

Now you've started a channel, you need Subscribers..Let's do some Sub for Sub.

Never Do Sub For Sub. Never Buy Subscribers..Never.

Incase you don't know what sub for sub is, you are safe.. but I'll bring it to your notice now. It's actually self explanatory. You subscribe to my channel while I do same for you. 

This single act can cause some damage to your channel because you are attracting the wrong set of people that are not interested in your content. of course you could get a thousand subscribers on a week. There are tons of people on Facebook groups that specialize in sub for sub schemes. If you have such people as your subscribers, don't expect yourself to get any views of them because they ain't interested in your content.

Here's a tip. In youtube, for a growing channel your returning viewers count are better than subscribers count. returning viewers are really interested in your content while a subscriber might not be.

Focus on building your content and creating a community rather than fake subscriber count.

Youtube has a way of filtering out fake subscribers by the way..

Never Promote Your Videos Through Ads.

Video Ads might look tempting but it attracts the wrong traffic. Besides youtube don't count views from sponsored videos among the 4000 watch hour threshold. And really, there's no point sponsoring a video and expecting some gains it's all pointless from a balanced point of view.

  It's best if your content is promoted by youtube either in search, suggested videos or other sectors which are shown to you in the youtube studio. Then paying for ads to reach uninterested individuals thereby spoiling the algorithm. Your content will do better and reach more interested people if you provide good videos on a consistent basis.

Not only paid promotion, spamming your video links on random pages might be consequential to your channel as well this attracts the wrong set of traffic. In conclusion, don't do anything that attracts the wrong set of traffic to your channel because it will have some effect on your channel. It might give you the temporary result but you might end up with a shallow and unhealthy channel.

Rounding up, it's wise to get a niche and target audience, make your videos for real people aiming and delivering valuable content to them and make them come back for more.

Next be consistent, create your channel around something you enjoy doing and make it more creative to suit you viewers. 

  No sub for sub, it hurts your channel build a community from scratch it will pay at the long run. Treat your viewers as you would love to be treated. Reply to their comments, provide them the best content, urge them to subscribe after delivering some value, no dull moment in your videos.

Promoting your videos might provide a temporary and hurting traffic with shallow or no base. Do these and be patient, your channel will grow gradually to the top.