Following an interview, the Makedas bakery announced a complete shutdown of the shop after reopening not long ago.  Makedas Raven said there have been several threats and accusations coming her way concerning her supposed involvement in the setup of Young Dolphs murder.


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  She classified those claims as false accusations and rumours, stating how thirsty the people are to know what really  happened inside the bakery and demanding the footage from the shop. 

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As the case goes on, some individuals are of the opinion that the Makedas bakery played a major role in the setup that brought the death of the iconic musician Young Dolph.

Others remain skeptical because  a few weeks before his death, he was at the bakery and promoting their business so why would they do such a thing...

From Raven's statement, there is a footage of the whole incidence from the cameras in the store and this footage has not been released to the public yet.


 The best way to debunk or clear any arising rumour might be to release the footage of what happened to the public, but that hasn't been done yet. This has brought doubt to some of Dolph's fans, stiring up the notion that the Makedas cookies might have been involved in the murder of Young Dolph.

  One could say that the main reason for these allegations and accusation is for the Makedas to release the footage to the public to see exactly how the whole shooting went out from the inside view, this will help debunk any claim or notion. More reasons to believe this is the communication between straight drop and Raven, this has brought more reasons for some fans to believe something fishy. 

Some also noticed the go fund me donations taken which was supposed to be used in paying the rent or keeping up with the shop, but they closed down the shop. They kept the shop downtown but had to close down the one on Airways. This gives more reason to call them shady. 

Young dolph knew he couldn't trust the people around, and we all have to be watchful, the company we keep. 

N.B. No one has proven the Makedas guilty, these are all allegations and accusations from concerned young dolph fans.