What You Need To Start Making Beats

 Today we're finding out the necessary equipments needed to start making beats and how you can slowly expand to build your own complete home studio.

It's a fact that some renowned producers started out with something very small and  even produced on some horrible speakers but you can gradually work your way up and build your way up, you don't have to get everything at once.

 You can just slowly get the initial equipments which will be listed and then get better as you progress as an artist.

 To start out, the first thing you will need is a computer or a laptop or a PC or a Mac or any kind of computer that you have. You have to get at least a kind of mid-range laptop or mid-range computer else your processor might not be able to handle all of your sounds that you play.

 Basically, one  can start to learn to make beats on any kind of laptop or any PC that you have around. But if you really want to get a new PC for beat making, I suggest you look some stuff about some system sound cards, processors and all that stuff.

Next thing you need to start making beats is a DAW which is a digital audio workstation. This is the basic software or program that you will have on your computer to make your music in.  You've got a wide variety of softwares to choose from like you've heard the names FL Studio, Ableton, logic and others. 

 It's advisable to see which the DAW's are compatible on your PC because some software only works on Mac and some software only works on Windows so definitely check that and then some of these DAW's have demo versions where you can just try out everything and just see which one that fits you the most. 

Try to experiment with a lot of different types of programs and just get a feel for how it goes and watch some YouTube videos and info from other sources  and just see what the other people on the internet have to say.

Probably reviews, user experience and other feedbacks from people who have used such softwares. 

 It's been noticed that certain genres are used mostly on a particular DAW,  for example of a lot of hip-hop is made in logic, while Electronic Dance Music(EDM) is made in Ableton. You might need to find the one that best suits your genre.

 Third thing you'll need is speakers, preferably you will need some kind of studio monitors which are actually speakers designed to listen to your sound as natural and as clear as it gets. 

Studio monitors are designed to just reproduce each sound as it is and not to have any kind of extra bass or anything.  Speakers you have at home often have this kind of equalization to them that they bring up the bass a bit more and then lower the mids just to make it sound more cinematic but that's not what we need when we're making beats.  

Because we want to have control over our song and not have to be distracted by the bass that's extra, because if the bass is loud in your speaker's you'll obviously put the bass too low for other speakers and then you might run into different trouble.

 If you can't get your hands on these studio monitors just try and get a speaker that is not too boosted, just a good quality speaker and listen to other tracks on that speaker. get to know how your speakers sound and then start producing. But note that in some time you will have to get some studio monitors.

If you're looking to get into studio monitors, there's a lot of different brands out there just try and see which ones that have good ratings at that moment. 

The fourth thing you need is samples, presets and sounds. Currently, there's a lot of types of sounds and stuff that's already been made so one doesn't have to make everything from scratch. you're not going to make a piano sound from scratch because that way, you have to start with the sound-wave and then just make a piano with it, or you can go and sample a real-life piano and then switch that and other long processes.

 But there's a lot of pre-made sounds that you can use and customize and edit to your liking. Be sure to just google for any of these sound presets or sample packs or generally anything that can help you have more sounds to use in your DAW's, this will definitely help you a lot and save you some time. 

So definitely get your hands on some sounds you can start experimenting with and yes start making some cool beats.

 The fifth thing you'll need to do and it's not something you need to get but it's nearly as important as the rest is actually Information. You will need to learn how to make beats and learn to understand the process of everything.

 The best way to go about this is actually to visit Google and the Internet. They can be your best friends in this phase. There's so much you can find on the internet. So much tutorials withmuch information. Read articles and tutorials and watch video tutorials, try experimenting  a lot because that's the main thing. 

You will need to train your ears to hear everything, detect more details and listen to a lot of popular hip-hop or or whatever music that you want to make. Learn how the music is built up and how every sound comes out, and then slowly but steadily you will find that you will start to understand everything and you'll hear more detail than someone else (e.g your mom) who was just also listening to some music.

 The sixth and final thing is something extra, if you want to you can get midi instruments. These are tools that can help you to play actual stuff in your DAW. For example, a midi doesn't produce any sound on its own it just helps to play notes in your DAW. You can't just play like every other keyboard because it won't produce any sound or anything without my connecting to a DAW. 

It's very useful to get a hands-on experience and to be able to play your notes instead of clicking them. same goes for a midi drum pad which is also really cool to be able to drum your actual drums instead of clicking them which makes them sound much more natural and much less robotic.

  And that's about everything  you need to get started, there are other advanced options but basically you'll need a good PC or well not good but just a laptop PC computer, you need a DAW of your liking, you need speakers, you need to learn how to use everything, you need sound samples presets and you might need a MIDI instrument to play your instruments.