With over 3.6 million followers on Tiktok and hundreds of thousand followers on Instagram, a 3d artists who goes by the name Agbaps has been soaring really high in the 3d space.

In this article, we shall reveal some information which  we have gathered about the fast rising artist.

AGBAPS Nationality?

As seen on most of his social media handles, the 3d artist never forgets to display his nationality with the green and white flag of Nigeria, popping out for the world to see. The artist is definitely from West Africa Nigeria and seems to have been born there.


At the time of  composing this article, this 3d artist still has his age placed in the bio section of his tiktok handle as 19years old, meaning he was born around 2002/2003. Note that this information is not verified as we are only calculating based on the age displayed.


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Agbaps Faith/ Religious View

Based on the category of videos displayed on his Youtube channel involving characters and ideas pertaining to christianity including "heaven", "satan" and then general idea of life after death, Agbaps is likely a Christian, but again ..this is more like a hypothesis but this time not scientific enough..

Agbaps journey as a 3d artist.

As a big fan and also supporter of this artist, it is imperative to say that he has really developed over the years. joining youtube in November 2019 with 2d art and later improves greatly into the 3d space. His stories are funny and the illustrations are superb. One time when asked how he makes his videos in the comments section of his youtube channel be replied "blender".

For those who don't know, Blender is an an open source 3d animation software with lots of interesting features that can aide in creating, animating and rendering 3d characters and models of all kinds. It also includes some 2d features and other interesting sectors.

Agbaps Tiktok:

At the point of composing this article, Agbaps has about 3.6 million followers on tiktok, most of which turned followers in 2020 when tiktok recorded the most number of downloads. The artist has since then be soaring greatly and has kept the teeming following updated with new interesting videos every week.

Agbaps Youtube:

joining youtube late 2019, agbaps has been able to gain about 260k subscribers with 44million views on his channel, posting quite lengthy videos on his YouTube and shorter videos on tiktok and instagram.

Agbaps Instagram: 

On his Instagram handle, Agbaps has about 138k followers and he does a similar work to that on tiktok, posting short funny and engaging videos of his 3d art. He also displays his 3d characters including Lil Uzi very, Juice world, Xxxtentacian, Skimask, Polo G, Kingvon, Popsmoke and more.


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Agbaps Merch:

After amassing a good number of followers in the lock down year (2020) on tiktok and other social media platforms, Agbaps decided to create his own clothing line called Agbaps merch. He also sells different stuff including hoodies, mugs, throw pillows and more with photos of his characters printed on them. you can get one at his merch store.

Agbaps Nfts 

Early 2022, Agbaps announced the introduction of his NFTs, a set of aliens in a building and invited people to join his discord server. He later took down the announcement video and the discord link seems to have expired, hopefully it gets restored soon.

Agbaps Face:

At this point, Agbaps face has not been discovered  on the internet as the 19 year old artist chooses to keep his identity undisclosed to the public. Considering his characters especially the one used in his profile..this guy 👇👇.

It can be assumed that he looks somewhere close to that, picturing a 19 year old Nigerian 3d artists. The artist was good at representing famous musicians like Michael jackson, juice world and others, he might also have produced a 3d form of himself.


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If you can picture this 3d character in human form, that might just be the face of this 19 year old artist..Again, this is just a guess. There is no proof to back this information.