2016 brought to life, the lovely moment Natasha had been waiting for. A chance to express her self professionally as a singer, dancer and song writer. This opportunity was granted by Max Millz from Rebel Nature Studios, giving our host the opportunity to write, collaborate, create hook lines and later record her first Debut single "Can’t Keep Away' which is available on all platforms.(You should definitely check it out).

Name: Natasha Amina Defoe 

Stage Name: Natasha Amina 

 Nationality: British 🇬🇧

Started singing: 2016

Genre: R&B


Natasha Amina Defoe is a british singer, songwriter and dancer from North West London. She has been singing and dancing since she was six, but took her music to the next level in 2016 when she started at Rebel nature studios. Although British and born in Willesden, she has a Moroccan and Dominican ethnic background. Natasha has a fine tuned sound and performs excellently in her genre. ["Rhythm and Blues" mixed with a pinch of Soul and Pop] . She also enjoys trying out other genres including Dancehall and reggae while improving on her ability to adapt, evolve and got into virtually any genre that she wants to.

What prompted you to begin a career in music?

For Natasha, music has been a passion from a young age, leaving her with the motivation and zeal to create good music that portrays her life experiences.

"Music has always been a part of my life, I’ve always had a love and passion for writing my own songs and expressing myself through creating great music."

Also, Its always been her dream to become a national musician with her music playing across the world.

Who are your favorite artists?

Of the many artists today, Natasha has picked a few who had some influence on her music career, she recalled listening to music a lot from her younger age and how these artists helped shape her perception of the art.

First is the "King of POP" and most awarded music artist in history,  Michael Joseph Jackson, Also Usher Raymond IV, Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas, Jennifer Lynn "J.Lo" Lopez and lastly the girl band Destiny's child which had too artists such as Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams in its best form.

These American singers, dancers and band had much influence on Natasha's early life and music. She also stated that  "these artists have great energy and stage presence they are great examples that motivate me to give 100% when creating music and performing on stage".

What advice do you have for any up-and-coming musician? 

Natasha believes strongly in Confidence and Consistency. As an upcoming-and-coming artist, one has to be confident in what he or she does. The music, the ideas behind the lines and general creativity. 

"have at least a couple of songs ready so you can be consistent in the music industry, have a plan ready with the goals you want to achieve also have your music released on top platforms so it can be seen getting the attention it needs have your music distributed so it can get on the right platforms being consistent is the best way to get your music heard."

What are the Challenges you faced while starting up and how you solved them?

Most time, there are some inevitable challenges that come out way while trying something different, Natasha shared her experience starting off her career officially and how she was able to overcome some of the challenges that came her way. 

"When you're just starting out, getting the knowledge about the music industry can be difficult...especially when you have no sponsorships or investments for studio time, shooting videos and getting your music on platforms that require you to have a budget.

However, having the opportunity working at Rebel Nature Studios, I learnt how to record and engineer which has now led me to having my own home studio where I now record mix and master my own music and sound. I feel blessed to have learnt these skills.. becoming more of an independent artist."


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