With numerous questions popping in the minds of young good looking individuals on how to begin a career in the modelling world, Here is an article on what one should know before, during and after applying to a modelling agency.

Note that these guidelines apply both to male and female categories but in this article, the female personality will be the major case study.

 First, it's essential that you do your research, find out modelling agencies around your area or the particular location of choice. In this search, you'll need to be careful because there are a lot of scam modelling agencies out there, ready to rip you off the little you have. 

There have been stories of modelling agencies trying to deceive innocent aspirants into paying for a supposed test shoot or runway shows before being selected. Most times, such agencies turn out to be a scam and could make one loose thousand of dollars.

Once you are quite sure of the nature and how secure the agency in mind is, you'll need to apply. You have to check on their website or any other platforms for their open call times.

There are two major ways of applying, first is via an open call and the other is via online submission. Of course the open call is way better than the online submission because seeing you in person gives you a better chance than in photos. 

Also, the agency has a chance to view your personality. Having other characteristics but missing out on personality might just produce a really bad result. It is therefore advised to tryout the open call option first and to be natural when applying to am agency.

 Still in the process of applying, most agencies require specific pictures to be submitted when applying online. Some of them include a portrait photo, a photo of  both sides, a face shot, a picture showing up to the knee axis, and a full close view photo. Some can also ask for a three quarter view photo, somewhere in between front and side view.


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It's mostly advised to get these photos set, one could also get involved in tests shoots regularly, test shoots must not really be anything so fancy or expensive, it could just be natural and beautiful. As an aspiring model, one should also keep in touch with good photographers and never loose confidence in themselves.

Advantage of involving in test shoots are much. Asides the fact that test shoots are counted as part of ones portfolio by most agencies, they also help build confidence, experience, business relationships and even social media following.

when you need to go to open calls or even when you do apply online, you want to have those pictures ready and you want to go out of your way every single time so before you apply to an agency online are going to an open call, (even if the open call doesnt require photos), just take some really basic photos, it wont take you much time you literally are just gonna stand and take the photos. 

The specific angles and required pictures have been illustrated above, just have somebody take it for you. It does not have to be professional, you might need no printed copies, you might not even take it with an amazing camera you can take it with an iPhone camera against a white background or any other available background.

Dressing For Castings 

One really important point to note, is they want to see your body so you want to wear something that is fitted and that actually looks good and is same time flattering. So look through your closet and find something that is the most flattering. It should be black or white. 

A long highwaisted fitted jeans is also advisable because  they can accentuate your legs and make them look longer. You should also wear probably a black tank top to show a bit of your shoulders and neck.

It's best to stay away from ripped jeans, wear a pair of heels, you could wear a pair of pumps or you could wear like a thin heel. These are more like my own ideas but you can switch things up and appear real good. Remember, your personality is really an important factor here.

Just try to be basic, less makeups, natural hair and a more natural approach. what most agencies need is a base perception which they can dress, beautify and send to areas like sports, fashion and more.

Height Requirements 

About height requirements, agencies have varying height requirements for their models. but basically, for females it often hovers around 5'7 and for male, it's 6 feet and above. Recall that these might not be the main attribute the agency is after, some might need a beauty model and others might need other categories.

For aspiring male models, this post might look more one sided but it's virtually the same thing. You've just gotta believe in yourself as for male models and what to wear, I would wear pair of black jeans and a white tshirt or even blue jeans and a white tshirt. I might add a belt and a casual shoe (not like sport sneakers) something more dressy.

Another important point to note is rejections. They come in  various forms, on the spot, phone calls, email, text messages and more for different reasons. Probably because they already have many girls or guys of your kind around or they want you to lose weight or they want you to gain weight or whatever it may be, so do not take that to offense there are so many other agencies that will always want a girl that is a little bigger thats a little skinnier or that would die for your looking.  "oh my god her face, his face is perfect thats what we need, thats what were missing in our book", thats an agency for you. 

You'll need to find yourself an agency that values you, sees the potential in you, and not only want you to work with them but pushes you to be a better model everyday.

So you don't have to feel  knocked down when you do get rejected if that does happen, just keep going and just take it day by day, some of them may tell you like oh well get back to you and you may never hear from them again. It happens, but you know most times in everything theres always rejection, you cant always win but yeah, just go for it.

                  Model Maiya Diarrisso

In conclusion, you'll need to first do some research, then check if there are open calls or online applications, go for it, don't give up, follow the dress codes, let your personality flow, trust in yourself and don't give in to rejections.

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