"I've always thought music was a really powerful and inspiring thing. I want to inspire people with my music the same way my favorite artists inspired me. " 

These are the words of Max Edwards, Canadian artist with much within for the world to witness..

Full name: Max Edwards

Stage Name: Max Edwards

Nationality: Canadian

Genre: Pop 


Canadian Artist Max Edwards is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Max has been singing pretty much his whole life, the passion has been there from a really young age. As Max grew, the passion grew with him, making him learn to play instruments and  write songs at 13 and further learn to mix and master them at 15 years.

"When I got older, I started to learn how to play instruments and how to write songs. Once I got confident with that, I started to learn how to produce and mix so I could record my own music and put it out into the world."

Max focusses more on Pop music but doesn't restrict his musical creativity to that, he could have some streams of R&B flowing through and also loves making LOFI chill rap stuff but hasn't released any song yet with that.

What do you intend to achieve with your music?

The industry is a big one, artists in the past and present usually have a reason, the purpose of their career and what it's aimed at. Max Edwards disclosed that he sees music as a really powerful and inspiring concept.

"I want to inspire people with my music the same way my favorite artists inspired me. My main goal is to make music that everyone can relate to and love."

Your favorite artists?

Most fast rising artists usually have  one or two established artists that inspire them.  For Max, his current favorite artists are Justin Drew Bieber, Dominic David Fike and Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard AKa The Kid Laroi. Max also admits his attraction to Ari Staprans Leff whose professional name is LAUV, Jeremy Zucker and the king of Emo-rap Jarad Anthony Higgins  Alias Juice WRLD

What advice will you give to any up-and-coming artist?

When asked for some helpful tips to aide an artist who is just starting, Max gave a simple and straightforward answer. Amongst other points to consider, max was more concerned about the happiness of the artist.

 Honestly, not really sure but the main thing I would say is always have fun doing what you’re doing!

What challenges do you currently face as an artist?

Max explained the difficulty in finding loyal fans and supporters for his music. Getting people to actually love ones songs and be willing to go the extra mile  can be quite taxing. He also identified the challenges in the production process and outcome of his songs; The professionalism attached in mixing and mastering the musical piece to the preferred and desired standard.

  "Another challenge is being able to produce and mix my music to a professional standard. I am still learning more about it everyday and I always have a lot of fun doing it!"

These are his major challenges and with time it is believed that with time and practice, the mixing and producing skills will get up to his desired standard.


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