When it comes to having a successful music career, talent isn't what's going to get you there. This statement is an inarguable fact and not just ones opinion. One could spend hours of reasonable time making a bunch of music that no one seems to care about. From writing to recording, mixing, social media, album art design and even music videos. At the end it might come down to three to four streams excluding family and friends, this can be discouraging.

Another might think of a solution being a better gear that'll fix the issues, maybe to get a better camera, a new mic or more sophisticated tools. These are good and might help but on a scale of one to five, there are more important factors than all these. If your music is good but you can't get it out there, it amounts to nothing.

This article is meant to teach you what you'll need to know. It's meant for music creators, artists and other upcoming talents to market their work and turn their passion into a legitimate business by teaching proven marketing systems that get results.

With information gotten from an award-winning marketing specialist with over years of executive level marketing experience with fortune companies as well as over 15 years in the music industry. We have taken that 15 year collective experience to create systems that provide predictable repeatable results that individuals can use.

  As stated earlier, some wouldn't even place talent in the top five things required to find success in music. If your music is garbage then a music career might not be for you but taste is completely subjective. Checking the billboard charts, the tops are mainly made up of a lot of mediocre music that people absolutely love. So how can that be? well it's easy "marketing".

 Now if we were to make a list of the top five things needed to build a career in music marketing would be at the top of that list. marketing casts a broad umbrella over branding, promotions, advertising, sales and networking.

If you're a musician, you're a producer, you're a mixing engineer or something to do with music creation, there's a system called the magnetic music marketing system.

  The magnetic music marketing involves three separate entities in this case You, Your music and then a group of people (potential fans and followers).  

What you need do is to put yourself out there, your personality, behind the scenes, your normal life....if the people (i.e potential fans and followers) like you and are attracted to you, they are automatically drawn  to your songs and music and that's when the followers turn to your supporters, fans and finally a community.

So the path goes from the people being attracted to you and then magneted to your music.. same goes for many others in the entertainment industry.


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Some people put out their work before themselves and this doesn't work most of the time. This approach might provide a person with some numbers for a single work of art but might not create a lasting fan base, following or actual support. 

Think of the last time you saw a facebook ad that made me a raving fan of anybody just because they had a new ad that told you all about their new spotify single or their new youtube video. The chances of turning a fan out of that are slim. You might be attracted to a particular work, but what keeps you coming back is their personality.  

For better understanding, when it comes to marketing in the magnetic music marketing systems the VCO method is applied, V standing for "Visibility"; C standing for "Connection" and O "offers". For the visibility factor, it entails reaching out to the people via socials, like youtube, blogs, podcasts etc.

  Visibility is how people find you. Without people being able to find you anywhere, there is little to no success expected.

 Next is the  Connection. Connection is actually engaging with the people that have found you. The Engagement, Relationship with others,  Followers connected so strongly to where they become fans and later build up to a community

Most times, people wonder why they're getting all these followers but nothing's happening. The reason is simple, those aren't fans, they're just followers because there's no connection between you and them. 

Next is O for "Offers" Having visibility without connection can greatly affect your offers. offers are simply what you have for your fans. These could be in form of  your singles, your albums, your merch,a patreon, shows and gigs and maybe even nfts.

 So sometimes a lot of guys try going from visibility to offers or from  connection to offers, it doesn't really work that way  unless you have all three. Think about it this way, "visibility"; people are finding you on social, on instagram, on tiktok,  you getting to the point where you are a guest on somebody's podcast or maybe you start a podcast where you interview people in your space and get people aware of who you are and what you have to bring to the table. 

Then you go from visibility over to "connection", you take your followers and you treat them like human beings, you show them aspects of your life that they never saw before, you give them insights, you give them behind the scenes, you give them the creative journey so they can follow it and then from there "offers". 


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Oh you have merch, oh I care about this person I found this person I'm gonna support this person, you send people over to spotify you send people over to apple music tidal, whatever you're trying to send them to and if they're visible with community behind them doesn't matter what the offer is, people come with their checkbooks.

  It will be wise to evaluate yourself today, how visible are you? Okay you're on Instagram, youtube, soundcloud, facebook, tiktok, etc... then check how the connection is going? are you engaging with your followers? how many comments for you reply to? how many messages in your DMs do you ignore? For offers, what are you offering? are you giving it your best? how consistent are you?. 

It's best to check out all these factors and discover the loop holes. Try fixing them and watch your music move to the next level. Get yourself out there with paid ads, comments, hashtags, trending tweets and more, make your personality known to the people.. get connected to them treat then with love like actual fans and watch how they rush to your offers in spilt seconds.