There's more to being a writer than sitting on a chair, brainstorming and penning down what ever enters ones mind. Some believe writing is a talent, others work their way through the process of becoming a great one.

 Same goes for story telling, comic, poems, playwriting and other means of portraying ideas to one's audience. 

 Here's an multi talented team of writers called the  MBU writers (Minds Behind The Universe) who recently launched their first one shot demo project titled Mission BGA.

As written on New Prymes Official Webpage, they have the intention of changing how stories are told, bringing a new style of christocentric stories in an unreligious way.

Unlike some writers and playwrights of African descents, M.B.U promises not just indigenous content, but one which can suit every tribe, nationality, religion and personality around the globe.

Reading through this, one has to realize that to achieve such success, the stories have to be relatable to all and entertain them simultaneously. Ok one might say this is a tedious task, but New pryme says it's possible and are out to do it. 

Judging From the one shot comic, New pryme is definitely on the fast lane to producing something great.

Dishing a "no spoiler"  review of their first work "Mission BGA", The artists did a nice work on the  graphics, its really superb. Proper shading, lettering, colouring and a nice presentation.

The length is not much with about 15 comic pages and four extra pages which is okay for a demo project. The file size is 13megabites and the idea behind  the comic is really great. Really surprised to find out it's digital copies are completely free to download with no strings attached. 

As a writer and an art inclined individual, it is imperative to say that Mission BGA might just be the best free comic I've seen on the internet.

             Download Mission BGA

Here's what the MBU writers have to say about their work.

*"This is the first of many, it only gets better.... Hope y'all enjoy the read ..E.JEA.."*

*" For me Mission BGA started as a simple story, now it's a launchpad into the portal of our universe. ...Synx..."*

*" I genuinely hope you enjoy it, but more importantly, I hope you stick around for the stories to come"*....Phil Khristos....

Mission BGA is definitely the first of many spectacular comics to come, New pryme also promised to Knock off our socks with their official flagship story which they have been working on for the past five years. Who knows what that story is about¿

From a more personal perspective, if all these promises are fulfilled, we might have ourselves an entertainment giant soaring from Nigeria in Africa to other parts of the world. 


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