"I’ve been singing and writing songs my whole life and just 2020 was when I moved out of my small town by myself as a teen to take my career in my hands and make music professionally. I'm also into modeling, acting, art  and many other creative things."

Real Name: Miah Rose

Stage Name: Miah Rose

Nationality: Scandinavian & Cherokee Native American 🇺🇸

Started Music: 2020 Officially

Genre: R&B,Soul,Pop etc..


Miah Rose was born in Hanging Dog North Carolina. She was raised by her strict dad who was in the Navy and her grandpa on a farmland with a lake next to it.

 At a young age, Miah was greatly influenced by the popular female musician Beyonce. Her passion for music made her  form a singing duo with her best friend. They called it the "melodies"..🎶🎶

Miah and her dad

"As I got older, I would ride my bike down to the lake every day and play in the water with my best friend, who's dad owned the marina. We formed a band and called it “melodies” ; just a singing duo. We even made T-shirts. We would write songs with pencil and paper all the time"

Miah has been into music for sometime, learning to play the guitar at the age of nine. She was taught by her dads friend.

As a kid, Miah Rose was greatly influenced by jazz, soul, folk, indie, r&b. As she got older, around middle school and late elementary, she started to broaden her horizons with pop and hip hop.

"Ohhh another big influence on me was the dance music they used to play on satellite Tv."

Who are your favorite artists?

Miah has an unquestionable taste in music, she named  Sza , J cole, Sabrina Claudio, Doja cat and Russ  as some of her favorite current musicians.

What advice do you have for up-and-coming artists?

"Some advice I would give to any up-and-coming artist is to follow your authenticity."

Miah Rose also advised artists to  stay strong on their values and work hard. For her, it’s rare that a career is just handed to anyone. It takes persistence, drive and passion. 

   "Never let anyone else define YOU. This is an art. Bring out the highest version of yourself. This is a lifestyle, not just a job."

Miah believes that  as an artist, one must live it, breath it, be it at all times, and also work ten times harder than anyone else. 

What challenges did you face while starting up?

While starting up, Miah was young and naive.  She had little  understanding of how the business works. But as anything, it’s trial and error.

" I have learned from my mistakes and I will keep on until my last breath. I’ve had financial struggles. I’m working harder than ever now and tapping in creativity too."

Personally, I think Miah Rose has a very nice voice and her music is exceptional...I've listened to her songs and I love them..You should too👍


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Instagram: @MiahR0se 


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