"King Of Slow MO" , Daniel Sunday popularly known as DannyStringz said he is known more for dancing but also sings and plays the guitar. little wonder he is called Dannystringz.

Names: Daniel Sunday 

Stage name: dannystringz

Nationality: Nigerian 🇳🇬

Dancing Since: Childhood


Dannystringz, an up-and-coming dancer and musician who has been at the top of his game has a deep passion for dancing. Dannystringz sees dancing as a concept to best communicate without saying a word. He is also known as the king of slow mo, and here is what he has to say about his smooth Slow Mo movement.

"I tried it once and the crowd was wowed then I had no option than to continue; 

But it all started when I discovered I walk slower when am in deep thoughts"

Who are your favorite dancers? 

I admire many dancers especially Dancegodloyd, Kaffy and Bhadgulcassie.

What advice will you give an up-and-coming dancer?

"My advice to any dancer is to remain focused, prayerful and be humble. Because the industry is not for the weak."

In previous times, music wasn't an industry that looked so lucrative but now, it's a really big industry. Same thing is definitely happening in the dance industry. In most part of the world, dancers are now getting the recognition they deserve.

What challenges have you faced so far in the dance industry? 

"I have faced many challenges starting from parents who never approved of my dance career

Challenges trying to combine education and dance;

Insult from friends who see dancing as waste of time;

Injuries during rehearsals and performance;

Being used by artist and friends in the industry;

Never getting repost from artist after spending much time and finances doing dance video for their songs.

I overcame all this challenges through persistency and prayer. Because I have a dream and I'm  yet to achieve it."

I've watched Dannystringz dance and he is really good at what he does, you should see some of his videos too. 😁


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Instagram: @Dannystringzz


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