Upcoming talented producer and sound engineer Tsoaledi Kgotatso also know by his stage name "Vintage Deep rsa" took sometime to share his experience, hopes, challenges and aspirations in his music  production. Only a year into the music industry but he has gained some experience and is willing to share it with all.

Full name : Tsoaledi Kgotatso

Stage name : Vintage Deep rsa

Nationality : South Africa

Music Genre: Deep House Music (dance)

Producing Music Since: 2020


Born and brought up in limpopo South Africa in a small area called Apel, Tsoaledi Kgotatso has been a music enthusiast for as long as he can remember. He lives with his siblings and is supported by a single parent whom he loves so much.

Growing up, he had a simple life with not much to talk about, a regular make child growing up in a small village, but what distinguishes him from the others was his knowledge of the direction he was headed, one which had some music in it. This same passion and desire  made him pursue a career in music.

"I Have been In love with music since I was a kid so that made me to make music on my own"

Who are your role models in the music industry?

Vintage without any hesitation picked Gabbana, the talented music and beat producer as his best, Gabanna has produced some very nice beats including 

Good Summer Lovin, Dusted,Back ToGroove,Deep Summer Lovin,Oceans,Silent Shimmers,Bridges amongst others.  Some of these are mainly nice instrumentals and beats and can be listened to on  his Youtube Channel.

As could be proven true, one has to admire a good producer to become one himself and this seems to be the path taken by Vintage.

Apart for Gabbana, Tsoaledi Kgotatso picked the sensational record producers Inqfive and buddynice. Although these artists might not be really famous as to being listed on Wikipedia and other websites, they are really good at what they do.

What advice will you give to any Upcoming Artist?

For Tsoaledi Kgotatso, it's more difficult for any artist especially those who are starting from the scratch without much financial and social support to really make it in the music industry. As the saying goes that we rise by lifting others, Vintage advices artists to work together in unity, avoiding unnecessary unhealthy competitions and contest.

"The Advice For Fellow Musicians Is That We Should Work Together As One Not To Do Competition...Let's Work Hard And Also Keep Pushing Each Other. Also Not To give up On Ur Dream"

The most essential tools in building up ones career include perseverance, commitment, hard work and  consistency which is considered to be the key.

What Challenges did you face as a new producer?

For a person growing up with such dreams, challenges just seem inevitable, and in this case it wasn't fright or lack of confidence as is the case with some others, his was more of being unaware of the technical know how.

Not having much background knowledge of how things were done in  music recording, producing and engineering, Tsoaledi Kgotatso found it difficult at first to complete the mixing and mastering process which posed as an  initial challenge.

Aside from the necessary knowledge, the needed equipments also posed an issue as some equipments were needed for the work to be done.

In his own words, he said

"The Challenge Was To Make A Beat From The Scratch But I kept On Doing It Until I Knew How"

 With time and commitment, he kept practicing, collaborating with other producers, and  getting more knowledge on how the whole process works. 

Vintage confessed that it wasn't easy for him at that point, having to gain the needed knowledge for him to begin his career in production. 

"Was Difficult...But I Managed To Overcome It Through Learning"

Below are some links to his social media handles and streaming platforms, where everyone can get a taste of his masterpiece. 


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