Susan Dorkin, an English Black Caribbean singer took sometime to share her experience so far in the music industry.

She is known for her involvement in virtually all kinds of music including drill rap trap rnb house music and dancehall. 

Real Name: Susan Dorkin

Stage Name: Snowflake

Nationality: English Black Caribbean

Music style: Drill rap trap rnb house music and dancehall.

Started Music: 2020


Susan Dorkin is a beautiful singer with a fine tuned voice. She was born in the south west of England in a place named Basingstoke considered to be the largest town in the county of hampshire.

At the age of 13, she moved out of Basingstoke to east london and lived there till she was 24, spending a great part of her life there including her teenage years while her family lived in the west midlands Birmingham. She later moved there at 24 to get closer to them. She has been there for over 6 years now.


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According to her story, her music started when she was still very young. Her first song was written at the age of ten so apparently she has been involved in music for sometime now.

What Prompted you to begin a career in music? 

Snowflakes explained how she had been through a trying moment in her life, a state where she found solace in writing, she just got a heart break and at that point, she started taking her music very serious. 

She also spoke in length about making her music on her own, appearing as an independent artist with her unique brand and an army of fans to support her. In addition to that Susan has much passion for upcoming artists who might be finding it difficult to cope. She intends setting up a platform in form of a record label to aid fast rising artists with the basic necessities needed by any artist at that early stage. 

"Also have a record label with my partner which we help upcoming artists with things like studio time and writing skills"

What Advice will you give to an upcoming artist?

For Snowflakes, it's persistence and consistency that can take a person through in the industry. She also mentioned another key factor which is self belief and confidence.

"I would say to another musician never to give up and always believe in yourself. Positive mindset is key in this field and you need to have a strong back bone."

Who are your favorite artists?

As her favorite, Susan mentioned three very influential rappers and singers. First being the prominent American female rapper, singer and songwriter Lauryn Noelle Hill who is often applauded and credited for her involvement in breaking barriers for female rappers, popularizing melodic rapping and for bringing hip hop and neo soul to popular music. 

Indeed she is worthy of being ones favorite rapper considering the fact that she is often mentioned amongst the greatest rappers of all time.

Next is the well known American female singer, songwriter and actress Brandy Rayana Norwood, Known widely for her two major hits The boy is mine and Never Say Never with the latter fetching her a good recognition at the Grammy Awards Ceremony. 

And finally, the legendary rapper Lesane Parish Crooks.. if you don't know him as this, then you should probably know him as Tupac Amaru Shakur.. Known for music which was directed at addressing contemporary issues at that time including inequality..

Seeing the great people admired by Snowflakes, one wouldn't second guess how inspired and proactive she is about her music.


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What are challenge are you facing right now in the industry?

Like most other upcoming artists, the major challenge facing Snowflakes is finance.

"The main challenge I have as a musician is money to pay for my music to continue. That is music video,mixing and mastering etc. So I try to study these things myself to cut down cost as I also have the marketing cost".


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