"I have been into music for approximately 10 years and I do Afro_fusion but I call my sound Urban _Afro where I mix R&B and POP with Afrobeat with some good vocals (Rapping and singing)... "

Real Name: Peculiar Kima

Stage Name: Kima_Vibes

Nationality: Plateau State Nigeria 🇳🇬

Started Music: 2011

Music Style: Afro Fusion, Urban Style(Mixed R&B and POP)


Peculiar Kima is a multi talented music enthusiast from Plateau State in Nigeria, he was born into a family with much admiration for music.

He spoke of his dad who loves music so much and would often play the guitar with his mum who has a beautiful alto voice singing along melodiously.

"I was born into a music family where my Dad plays Guitar and Keyboard(he can sing too)my mum could sing too(a very good alto singer)"

He also mentioned his elder brothers who happen to be twins and go by the stage name The_Scripture, stating how exceptional they are in the field of music and sound production. 

With that much family connection to music, one wouldn't second guess the reason Kima is this good at what he does. 

" Somehow and somewhere out of influence I found myself in music..... "

Kima_Vibes focuses mainly on what one can call the most touching part of music, one which is closest to the soul, he majors in gospel music, inspirational songs and Love songs. 

What Impact do you intend to create with your music?

Music can serve as different things to different people depending on the individual but Kima wants his songs to be an inspiration to the world.

" I want my music to inspire both old and young(positively)... I want when people listen to my music they rise up from there low point and start working right.. "

Who is your favorite artist?

Kima explained how he doesn't have a particular favorite when it comes to music, he listens to both old and new artists so far as one makes good music. He couldn't care less for what genre, style or pattern one uses which makes him have no particular favorite artist.

This is often the case when one has a different understanding of the term Music, at that point, being picky doesn't help and the person is attracted to any combination of sound that are pleasant to hear.

What advice will you give to upcoming artists¿

Peculiar Kima believes artists should have a higher level of understanding when it comes to their sound. It helps one know how best to tune in to any beat, genre, rhythm or flow. This is usually important and a fundamental step every upcoming artist must take.

Next Kima talked about consitency which is believed to be the key, keep writing, keep putting out good music. These were his exact words as he also advised against lack of Originality.

"Don't copy verbatim just be original... You can build on old sounds but be peculiar in all you do.... "

What Challenges did you face or still face as an artist?

Generally speaking, when one decides to take up a task, challenges must present themselves in one form or another.

The major challenge facing Kima is finance, he has his talent, good music coming forth, lot of vibes and energy, determination and other great qualities but need some extra finance to move his vision to the next level.

"Uhmmm for challenges I'm still facing challenges but my greatest challenge I won't lie was finance and is still finance.... Enough good music I have writing but finance to record and promote.. Hmmmm(On God sha..)...."

For now, Kima does short videos of 30 sec or a 1min which are more of trailers, he posts them on his social media handles showing anyone who visits his wall a glimpse of what his music is all about and what to expect when the full version of himself is unleashed. 

Kima also mentioned that the process of getting ones unique sound can be taxing and he is still in that, probably in the nearest future, we will have a full version of Kima's prowess in music.

 "I'm still building my sound(I dont want to serve people undone beans)" 🤣🤣


Social Media

Facebook: @Peculiar Kima

Instagram: @Kimapeculiar