Entertainment has become an intricate part of our world today. Ranging from sports, music, movies and cinema,dancing, comedy and other distinct parts of the entertainment industry.

Because of its dominance in our daily life, many young individuals have found themselves really attached to one field or the other within the sphere of entertainment, discovering and developing their talents with a good percentage of them hoping to turn it into a full time career.

A good number of such end up in other fields and just turn their talent to a hobby or a display within close friends and family for fun while they live the life of every other person, probably working in an office or venturing into  business.

After interviewing some upcoming artists on our blog, we have collated some challenges faced by most upcoming artists at the initial stage of their career and how some of them were able to overcome such challenges.

 It is noteworthy that this is the 21st century and it is generally believed that is is  easier to connect with people, get famous, become the next rated celebrity and build a solid fan base than in previous times but this doesn't seem to be the case for most upcomings.


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   Generally speaking, not all aspiring stars will become one because not all have the same level of commitment, consistency, talent and willingness to put I'm the required work.

Another glaring factor which cannot be overemphasized is the opportunity given to the person, often times when talent meets opportunity, it usually turns out to be a great starting point for that individual.

Some instances include the case of Nicki minaj and Dirty money CEO Fendi, Rema and Mavin Records,  Cristiano Ronaldo and Sir Alex Ferguson, Eminem and Dr Dre..  The list continues with lots of talents discovered daily.

Taking a good look at those cases, People with a reasonable amount of influence saw something unique in these individuals and picked them up, giving them a better chance at what they do.

    Now that the necessary qualities of a determined artists have been outlined, let's discuss some of the ways one could stand a chance at getting to the point needed for opportunity to come knocking.

   First No one will pick a less promising  talent over a much better one except nepotism or other related reasons are  involved.

It is also good to acknowledge the presence of a healthy competitive system, more and more individuals aspire and desire to make it using their talent with some putting them selves under much scrutiny to get the best out of them selves, this inturn improves the general output, leaving the industry with much groomed talent to pick from.

So the advice will be to get the best out of yourself, practice till you are near perfection, keep researching and grooming yourself. People need to see you, you need to be acknowledged by people to be really successful in the industry, and how does that happen? you need to always take chances like your life depends on it because yeah, it does.

   Go apply for that show, take up that challenge, go on that social media live, write that book, crack those jokes, drop those freestyles, start from somewhere, Nicki minaj was discovered on her My space account. 

Always do your best anywhere you find yourself, you never can tell who is watching... Not only during auditions.. If you rap, let all your friends know how good you are, if you dance, let your grandma confirm your great moves.. if you sing, let the wind testify to your euphonious voice.

Also, never limit your ability and chances, more artists are being discovered online daily, the online world is the fastest way to get noticed,people are looking at their phones often, hop on all social medias, take up all challenges, go for paid adverts if you can, keep doing all with your best, and you'll be surprised. It might take some time, but it will surely come.. The golden opportunity and when it comes,

you'll know it has.

 Not only the online world, let the world you live in know you as the best of that talent, let your name be the first in their lip when such is mentioned.. Opportunities can come at anytime so you need to be ready for that.

Now let's discuss  the challenges faced by most upcomings

    Most upcoming talents  usually find it really difficult to make much progress  and most times keep struggling. Some of these reasons have been collated from previous posts on this blog where we asked about 20 artists their challenges. 

There are numerous challenges faced by upcoming artists and they depend on some factors including the area and person in question. These  challenges vary, but there are some common Challenges faced which seem to affect most upcoming talents.

   First is the lack of resources, by resources I mean financial resources. This applies mostly to individuals who are into music, photography and other similar areas, just like getting capital to begin a business might be an issue, some of these upcoming artists have to source for funds to get some equipments like mics, camera and some other digital gadgets which are necessary.

Some worked for the money, others reached for cheaper alternatives like sharing with a friend, getting copyright free instrumentals from the internet and other similar activities. Unavailable resources can also include an absence of the necessary knowledge needed to polish ones talent to it's finest form. Of course there is much information online and one can easily find answers in areas of interest.

   Another challenge which is less of a physical challenge but a psychological one is the presence of doubt, lack of confidence, timidity, procrastination, and other related habits which eat up most talents and prevent them from creating the best out of themselves.

These attributes might need some individual effort to overcome, seeking a therapist might also help alleviate some of these negative attributes from the life of a person.

   Next is the lack of support from parents friends, siblings, relatives, and anyone who is not supposed to oppose you at such initial stage. The lack of parental support has been found to be dominant in Africa where some parents still dont believe it's possible for someone to make a career in entertainment Industry.

These are just few of many challenges.


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Advice From Upcoming Talents To Fellow Upcoming Individuals 

Some of our guest had some advice for fellow artists, comedians, dancers, photographers and more.

Maiya Diarrisso

"For anyone out there who chooses to model STAY GROUNDED, STAY HUMBLE, and BE YOU. I’m not all the way in this modeling world but I’ve seen enough to say be careful wit trying to work with just anyone.It’s a lot of scams out here so just make sure you check out a portfolio or ask for any work they’ve done. Also be yourself you might walk into a room and it’s all these big booty baddies you know don’t ever feel like you can’t do it"

Childlike advised  upcoming artists to 

"Surround themselves with people who believe in them! It is so critical as you can get lost in the process and you need people to ground you. People to remind you of the bigger Picture."

MuddyManTony says 

"The  advice I have starting your brand whether it’s music or modeling is be tuned with yourself . Embrace yourself and always search for a better version of you cause you don’t look like them. There’s always someone watching."


"To anyone who wanna join the music industry 

I just wanna tell them that they just make sure that they’re different or unique 

Their music must always have a message that the fans can relate to

Also they must believe in themselves and have confidence 

Lastly they must invest in their careers,stop downloading free beats and go pay a producer for beats so they can have full rights to their songs."

For  Meral music, Her advice to other musicians would be to "walk away temporarily from projects that they just can’t seem to finish and come back to them later. Also to keep going, even if they doubt themselves. We are often our own worst critics so just keep expressing yourself. Also don’t expect things to be easy, the music industry surely isn’t." 

And lastly, Kima Vibes says "we all should get to know and understand our sounds and keep writing, keep putting out good music, don't copy verbatim just be original... You can build on old sounds but be peculiar in all you do".... 

These are based on their experience, anyone who values them should get the required information and build on it.. We hope to see you shining..