"My dad initially encouraged me to become a musician. Being a musician himself, he taught me guitar at a young age and I quickly fell in love with playing, singing, and writing music."

Birth Name: Emma Smalley 

Stage name: Kate Vera

Nationality: quarter Filipino, 

Started Music: 2013

Music style: Indie pop


Emma grew up in Chapin, South Carolina, a small town located at approximately 24miles northwest of Columbia.

Being an only child of her very supportive parents she took a deep dive into her music career. Her dad who loves music and plays the guitar was her first mentor. Little wonder she started performing at 13 years of age, and released her first Ep at 14.  

Starting off with country pop, Emma has always felt so attached to her music that during her four year stay at the University of South Carolina, she was performing all over Columbia. With much knowledge acquired coupled with heightened experience, Emma evolved into an Indie pop artist.

" I went to college at USC, (just graduated this past May), and performed all over Columbia throughout my four years there."

Emma moved to Charleston South Carolina after her graduation in may 2021 mainly to focus more on her music. With more effort to be added, she has her hopes high to get more recognition in the future.

What do you intend to achieve with your music?

I’d like to take my music as far as I possibly can. I hope to build a large following on Spotify specifically, and grow with a loyal fan base! 


Who are your favorite artists?

Emma picked the popular American music band Cage the Elephant. Formed in 2006 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, they relocated to England and settled in London in 2008 shortly before their self-titled first album was released. Next Emma chose Billie Eilish, Mt. Joy, Gracie Abrams and Nessa Barrett concluding that she is a big fan of their music.

What Advice will you give a fellow artist?

"My advice to a musician who is just starting out is to stay true to themselves. Write what they truly feel, perform where they want, dress how they want.. etc. If they’re being real, chances are people will see that and appreciate it more. If they’re faking it, it shows through."

What Challenges have you faced as an artist?

A similar situation with Kima_vibes, Emma had trouble in finding her sound. This sometimes takes stating musicians months before they settle for their desired sound.

"I struggled to find a genre where I fit in, and even released some music that didn’t truly reflect me as an artist. It took a long time, but I’m finally at a place where I’m happy with what I’m creating, which is music with an indie vibe. "