Fast rising artist Princess Rethsa has been in the music industry since 2020. The Haitian beauty has displayed nothing but utter flawlessness with three major singles to her name tittled I got it, Outta of space and Escaped with more to come in the nearest future.

Stage Name: Princess Rethsa

Nationality: Haitian 🇭🇹

Started Music: 2020

Music Style: HipHop/Pop


 Princess Rethsa hails from Haiti, a north American Caribbean country that shares the island of Hispaniola with The Dominican Republic to it's east.

She has been in love with music for as long as she can remember and stated plainly that she had much passion for music such that it was being noticed by the people around her.

What prompted you to begin a career in music?

According to Rethsa, Her music career kicked off after she got some advice from concerned individuals to start making her own music. She admitted the difficulty she had initially being the confidence to pull through.

" Well I always loved music 🎶 my passion for music was seen by others. They started telling me I should make music. I never really had the confidence to start but one time I felt so sad and down so I decided to write down some lyrics that's the beginning of it"

Sometimes an occurrence in ones life could help trigger a call to action. For Rethsa, it was a feeling of sadness.. others get had similar experiences such as heartbreaks, grief, depression and more.

Despite spending a year in the music industry, Princess Rethsa believes she has much potential of thriving immensely against all odds. She intends adding more genres to her current collection which include HipHop and Pop music.

Who is your favorite artist? 

As her favorite artist, Princess Rethsa picked the late Emotional rapper Jarad Anthony Higgins popularly known as Juice World. Juice world is said to have derived his stage name from late American rapper Tupac Shakur's role in the film Juice and stated that it represents taking over the world.

What's your advice to other upcoming artists?

With a year of experience in the industry, Rethsa narrated what artists have to do to ensure they keep on track while climbing up the ladder in the music industry.

For her, it's about an expression of ones self and connecting to the right people through the music. This is a real valuable advice as some artists tend to get it wrong.

"The advice I would give fellow musicians is be you in your music no matter what others say, express what you feel like expressing not to impress no one but to feel good about pouring out ur feelings the right people will understand."

As an artist, challenges are inevitable..Rethsa have faced a few challenges but the best part is her determination to never let them get the better of her.

" I look forward everyday to better myself I never look at myself at the best but work to be the better version everytime."


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