Being an artist is a really big task but being a producer and an artist is a yet bigger task.

Real Name: Tatenda Mutazu

Stage name: T!

Nationality: Born In Zimbabwe🇿🇼, Lives In The UK 🇬🇧

Started Music: 2018


Tatenda Mutazu Is A Zimbabwe Born Artist, Producer And Sound Engineer Who has Spent Most Of His Life In The United Kingdom. 

21 year old Tatenda Mutazu is a producer and Artist who enjoys what he does a lot. It takes an  individual who understands what it takes to be called a producer and artist to really appreciate the talent of Mutazu.

He has been writing and singing since he was 18, and what could be more surprising is that he has been producing way long before that at 13.

His ability is rare and it's possibilities are endless, Tatenda has the gift of two separate individuals in one and this is the reason for his exceptional ability.

What prompted you to start music?

Tatenda Mutazu has been inspired since the early stage of his life, he has been connected to music and the desire to create an impact in the industry has kept him goin ng. 

"The straight up desire to make good music has always been and will continue to be.."

He has faced some circumstances and rejections since he started and believes his distinguishing quality is his ability to never stop going for it.

"For me it's music from a young age that's all I've really wanted to do"..

Who is your Favorite Producer or Artist?

For his favorite producer Tatenda picked the sound engineer Fumez, he further explained how he was mentored by Fumez and the lots hear learnt from him. Here are his own words.

"There's a few i rate highly but in terms of producers, id say Fumez the Engineer as he's basically helped pioneer my sound after he mentored me so i have much respect for him"

For a producer like Tatenda, producing the best sounds have been the goal and he has been working in his talent to increase his chances of being successful in the industry.


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