Watch Out For MuddyManTony, The Hybrid On His Way To The Top

 The Interesting part about MuddyManTony is that he is not just an artist but also a song writer and a model.

Stage Name: MuddyManTony

Nationality: United States 🇺🇸

Occupation: Artist, Song Writer, Model

Music Style: "Hood and Poems" (HNP)


MuddyManTony is from Dallas Texas in the United States and is no ordinary artist. He first started off as an artist, creating his songs in the best way he could and due to much content created at a high rate, he was frequently behind the camera.

This was where he started paving a way for his modelling career. he was mostly working on his videos and got stuck at creating nice pictures and videos, causing him to begin a career in modelling.

Another outstanding fact about the music career of MuddyManTony was his ability to create a new music style out of nothing. he is the sole originator of the Hood and Poems genre, one which was influenced by R&B an also inspired by his place of origin "Oak cliff".

It definitely takes one with much passion and a deep interest in music to come up with a whole new different vibe that transcends into a genre of its own.

Who are your favorite musicians?

For MuddyManTony, his favorites are no rookies, they are nice artists that know what the game is all about..One needs to have the Pros as their favorites and Idols, this seems to help inspire great progress.

For MuddyManTony, Jay-Z, the well known billionaire musician married to the fellow popular musician beyonce is one of his favourites.. He also likes the rapper 2pac who is arguably one of the greatest that ever walked on the planet. Other artists recognized by  MuddyManTony include   Helen Folasade Adú, [the Nigerian born british singer, artists, songwriter and actress whose prominence began after she was offered an award at the OBE in 2002.]  Marvin Gaye[ the American singer and song writer who helped shape the sound of motown in the 1960's but later died of gunshot wounds in 1984] Prince Teddy Pendergrass and Jahiem."

What advice will you give to fellow artists?

Whether you are a musician or a model, MuddyManTony believes in the power that lies within ones self and the limitless possibilities that await anyone who is willing and ready to put in the required effort and produce that spectacular result.

"The advice I have starting your brand whether it’s music or modeling is be tuned with yourself . Embrace yourself and always search for a better version of you."


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