Born and raised in Brooklyn is our man Dillion Hicks. He is so determined to make it big in the music industry and it seems no force can stop him.

Name: Dillion Hicks 

Nationality: Brooklyn N.Y American 🇺🇸

Music Style: Hip Hop

Occupation: Artist


Born in Brooklyn NY, Dillion Hicks grew up in a setting that had little to offer, he stated that he has faced some challenges in his life which include some financial challenges that keeps motivating him to push harder and get to the top of the game.

For Dillion it's been struggles. He knows what to do and has been on it. He wants a comfortable life, one different from his past and for him it's his music that's getting him there.

Which artist inspires you the most?

Dillion Hicks announced that his favourite artist is Tupac shakur he also noted that Tupac is his role model.

Virtually everyone knows the legendary musician Tupac shakur and how he stood his ground for what he felt was right, always confronting any opposition to his movement.

Born Lesane Parish Crooks, Tupac Amaru Shakur was known for addressing contemporary issues withing states, he is also known to have fought against inequality.


Indeed Tupac Shakur will go down as one of the greatest artists who ever held a mic. at his peak, he released more music that many other artists through out their life time. And Dillion hicks is ready to walk down that path.

We might have ourselves yet another shakur as dillion hicks doesn't look any different..he has the same mind and spirit and hopefully, he'll reach a greater height than his role model.

What made you decide to create music?

"I started music because it's my passion and something I love to do" he said.

For some it's a hobby or what they do with their spare time but for Dillion it's something totally different. 

Dillion has passion for music and this made him start his journey in the music industry. but what keeps him going is the devotion and also his determination. The hope that one day, he will be named amongst the great rappers and musicians just like his role model.

Despite being born into a poor background, he has decided to get himself to the best position he can, and that has been his motivation to keep pushing himself to a better life.


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