Dutch singer Eva Waagen who has been into  music for the past two years took sometime to share her experience in the industry. For her,  the best thing has been to do all the things she's scared of, to prove to herself that the fear is just fear and nothing real. 

Real Name: Eva Waagen

Stage Name: Meral

Nationality: Dutch ­čç│­čç▒

Occupation: Singer

Started Singing: 2019

Music Style: HipHop, R&B


Born  Eva Waagen to a Turkish dad and a Dutch mom, Meral considers herself to be a Dutch by Nationality. She has been at the top of her game and has made great progress despite being in the music industry for just two years.

Aside from her usual HipHop and R&B, she also has some flare for other genres of music.

"My genre at the moment is mostly hiphop and rnb, but I have deep house and indie pop/ rock tracks out as well."

Who are your favorite Artists?

Merals favorite musicians  include the popular indie pop band Peach Pit from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada..[The band  consists of singer and rhythm guitarist Neil Smith, lead guitarist Christopher Vanderkooy, bassist Peter Wilton, as well as their  drummer Mikey Pascuzzi.]  


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Eva also mentioned Amber Mark the popular female singer, song writer and producer who is widely known for her proficiency in Hip hop, R&B, Soul Music and more..little wonder Meral has also taken a similar path. Others include the american pop band  Emotional Oranges, slender bodies, and the south korean  female pop rapper Lee chae-rin popularly known as CL

What Advice do you have for fellow artists?

After two years of scaling through some hurdles in the music industry, Meral has some advice for anyone out there who might be taking a similar journey. 

"My advice to other musicians would be to walk away temporarily from projects that you just can’t seem to finish and come back to them later." 

"Also  to keep going, even if you doubt yourself. We are often our own worst critics so just keep expressing yourself."

Eva Waagen said some artists might assume the industry to be quite an easy one, but from her experience it isn't..she stated plainly that  artists should be  ready to put in much effort if they want to progress and make it big  in the music industry.

What are your challenges so far in the music industry?

"My biggest challenges are definitely my own self doubt/criticisms."

Eva explained how her anxiety and partial fear of not performing efficiently have always gotten the better of her especially when collaborating with other artists.

" Overcoming your fears is the most empowering thing there is. I’m still training to do my first performance so I haven’t overcome that fear yet but I’m planning on it!"


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