This is Stella Lucia Enriquez, A female beautiful artist with much potential of soaring to the top. According to her, One of her hardest challenge, was live performances. " I would do coffee houses or a few small events, a few times a year."

Real Name: Stella Lucia Enriquez Azzopardi

Stage Name: Childlike/ Stella L.E.A

Nationality: Filipino🇵🇭, German 🇩🇪And Maltese🇲🇹

Occupation: Singer/Musician

Started Music: 2016

Music Style: Pop base with flares from other genres.


Have you ever seen a beautiful lady who is not just a singer with a lovely voice but also part Filipino, part German and part Maltese🤯

..Meet Stella Lucia Enriquez, a mixed lady with much passion for her music. Stella started writing music from an early age of 10 but later stepped up her game at 14 years of age.

Sometimes, ones passion comes in early enough, other times, it comes later in a person's life but Stella's case was perfect, she knew what she wanted and has been doing her best since then.

One can't really be surprised as this lady seems really dynamic in her game, dishing out mostly Pop base but serving the needed bits of other genres, making it a perfect combination.

"My genre is a pop base with flares from several genres whether it be jazz to reggaetón or hip hop to alternative."

Who are your favorite artists?

Considering her love for pop music, her favorite artist cannot be far fetched.. No other than the famous English artist, songwriter, record producer and audio engineer Imogen Jennifer Heap whose work has been considered pioneering in pop and electropop music.

Stella also mentioned the American rapper, songwriter and record producer Kendrick Lamar. No doubt, he must have inspired the HipHop part of her music. 

Not forgetting the Mexican pop-rock and folk singer and songwriter María Natalia Lafourcade Silva who has been recorded as one of the most successful Latin American singers since her debut in 2002.

Lastly, Childlike mentioned the English rock bands Supertramp and Radiohead and Muse

What advice will you give any upcoming artist?

Most times upcoming artists find it difficult knowing exactly what to do which might be time consuming and effort wasting, leading to confusion and even discouragement.

Picking her words perfectly, Stella advised artists to always have the right mindset and flow with people that have the same positive mindset.

"My advice for an upcoming artist would be to surround yourself with people who believe in you! It is so critical as you can get lost in the process and you need people to ground you. People to remind you of the bigger Picture.'


What Challenges have you encountered so far in the music industry?

For others it might be lack of equipments, finances, no support from friends or family..etc..but for Stella, it was something different.

"One of my hardest challenge, was live performance. I have very little performance experience."

So finally like anyone should expect, she did perform and she shared her experience.. this is how it went.

"So when I did perform, I got so nervous you could hear the shaking in my voice. This didn’t let me shine to my full potential. Then Covid hit, and everyone was out of performances. The solution was going live on TikTok. This way I got to hide behind a screen and see what I looked like. Sometimes there were two or three people, other times they were 200 people. What gave me confidence was seeing recurring viewers who were encouraged and supported me. Going live on TikTok was kind of like a practice concert, so when I did perform live in front of an audience I knew exactly what to do. I Had a big smile on my face, and I was just being me, silly Stella."

You can read more about Stella on her website 


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