Young artist Taliaya who has her stage name as Hollywood.dev1l stated that she is open to any genre and is definitely not a one genre type of person. 

Real Name: Taliaya

Stage name: Hollywood.dev1l

Nationality: United States 🇺🇸

Music Style: Open to all types..


Hollywood.dev1l started making music from her freshman year but wasn't really serious with it until she graduated.
She just started by writing some songs at het free time but didn't go the extra mile of recording, mixing it mastering any of them till she graduated from school.

This is most times the case with some upcoming artists as they are attracted to music without an initial zeal to pursue it as a career. Some might have the zeal but might lack some financial support or even the right time management practices to merge the music with other activities of their life.

What is your aim in the music industry¿

For Taliaya, its about the connection she has with her listeners, the ability to make them understand her lyrics and communicate an idea or perception with them.

"I want people to relate to my music and just feel where I’m coming from I wanna reach all types of audiences

Who are your favourite artists?

Taliaya named Nicki Minaj and Juice World as her favourites.
A mixture of Nicki Minaj and Juice World shows her great taste, from the female rapper with all that vibe going on to the gentle flow of Juice World songs..What a great combo..

What type of music do you listen to?

Hollywood.dev1l stated clearly that she doesn't select music types and is not a one genre person... 
This is a great attribute considering how easy it will be for her to get featuring and collaborations with other artists focusing on a particular genre of music. 

"I am open to anything" she said.

Beware!! There is a dev1l in Hollywood 😱


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Instagram: @ Hollywood.dev1l

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