"I can tell from the way your hips move, that my tongue makes really good music".                                                   ~ Sugary fingers

Real Name: Okeke Daniel Chibuzo

Pen Name: Sugary fingers, Sunshine, Moonlight.

Nationality: Nigerian 🇳🇬


Okeke Daniel Chibuzo, born in Nigeria Western Africa is a sensational poet who found his passion at a critical point in his life. 

"Around the time I started writing, I was lonely and depressed. My mum and I were involved in an accident that almost took her life. She was hospitalized for months, fighting for her life. Coming that close to losing a loved one kind of opened up a beautiful chapter of my life-poetry."

This incident caused him to find a way out of his current state and the answer to it was poetry. Ever since then, he hasn't ceased his adventure in the land of poetry, exploring new areas and forging further into the detailed mysteries of life.

Who are your favorite poets?

A good poet usually finds it easy to identify better poets, without much troubles, the lines and stanzas coupled with the general composition can make one identify the level of artistry in ones work.

Daniel named The Quintessential Rudy Francisco [An American spoken word poet, who has won several poetry slams and has written six books if poetry].Also Warsan Shire, Jay Michelle, Rosceo Burnems and Andrew Gibby. 

What impact do you wish to create in the life of your readers using your poems?

For this unique poet, he writes from his own perspective, not expecting a particular message to be communicated but series of them, striking different individuals based on their perception of life.

"Mostly, I just write how I feel and put it out there, turns out some of the poems give people hope while others just inspires something in them, something unidentifiable"

Daniel believes that the best poems hijack the readers attention, making them read and reread. from his own words, a good poem could have a different meaning to a thousand different people and could also have the exact same meaning to all of them. There is virtually little to no boundaries to the power of a good poem.

Poets are rare these days and even some poets do not even acknowledge their ability early enough to build on it. Despite the vast state of the entertainment industry, a good poet  is always appreciated when spotted.

Sugary fingers have written some lovely poems and is yet to write more. He publishes his works on his social media handles and also on reading platforms like wattpad.


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Instagram: @phantom_froshh