"Basically, I grew up listening to music. I started writing music as a child although I was never in the choir.. neither did I perform music as a child. I’d sing mostly in the comfort of my bedroom and in the very midst of my friends."

Real Name: Nwaedozie  Onyinye  Jennifer

Stage Name: Onyinyeje

Nationality: Nigerian 🇳🇬

Style  Of Music: Afro-Fusion

Started Singing: September 2019


Onyinyeje was born and raised in Abuja, current federal  capital  territory of Nigeria Located in West Africa. According to her, she has loved music since childhood but wasn't so cool with performing in public as a child. 

She'd rather do so in her closet or around close friends. With time she stepped up her game and started music officially in 2019 which led to her debut single in March 2020.

Most times getting into the industry might take little to no effort especially with the presence of the internet but growing and building a sustainable career out of it might be taxing..

What Prompted You To Start Music Officially?

Onyinyeje believes that there is actually no better way to express ones self than doing so with lines, stanzas and rhythm.

"I like to tell stories through my sound and honestly there’s no better way to express myself to the world than through music."

Who Are Your Favorite Artists?

Onyinyeje named Tems, Ayra star, Niniola and  Tiwa savage who are all Nigerian sensational female  musicians. She also added that there are more to the list of favourites, and no definite role model.


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What Effects Do You Expect Your Songs To Have On Listeners?

Onyinye expects her songs to bring joy and life to her listeners, leaving a big smile on their faces. 

"My aim is to inspire people through my music, I’d like people to listen to my sound and be happy. It may sound funny but I’d like people to dance and sing to my sound."

What Are The Challenges You Have Faced So Far As An Artist

The inability of most artists to get it right at the start, from building a real fan base to promotion and other necessary activities an artist has to undergo is a major challenge.

What exactly is the right thing to do to hit the limelight or “Blow” as we may call it. There's basically no Manual to it, there’s no right or wrong and honestly it’s a challenge for me."


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As an artist, she has decided to do her best within her ability and move at her own pace while being continuously open to constructive criticism which might help her improve.


Social Media 


Instagram : @onyinyeje 

Twitter: @onyinyeje 

Snapchat: @onyinyejennifer


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