Nicole the model took some time to share her passion and aims in the modelling industry. 

Real Name: Nicole

Stage Name: Nicki or Nicki1390

Nationality: Germany 🇩🇪

Started Modelling: 2017



Nicole has been a model since 2017 when she saw a calling at a photographers shop requiring new faces. She decided to apply and some great pictures which she didn't expect came out of the little equipments in the studio at that time.

"As we were shooting he showed me some pics on the camera. I was quite impressed as i didn't expect such pictures. That got me stuck in photography

Stating how shocked she was at the beautiful pictures that could emanate from a camera without much sophistication, she became really interested in the modelling industry.

Since then, Nicole has been involved in several photo shootings, many cat walk shows, photography fairs, made photography travel tours, met designers, and tried her best by Germany next top models.

Why did you venture into modelling?

"I cant sing, i am not a musician, and i only can draw by numbers, but everyone needs something creative in life. For me this is modeling and photography. " 

Nicki believes that as a model, one can be what ever they choose to, see different places and things and definitely get to meet great people...some of whom might end up being ones best friends in life.

What are some of the challenges you have encountered?

Nicki explained her ordeal with some modelling agencies she kept paying for doing nothing, photographers who touched her  indecently, people using her pictures for commercials without her permission and didn't name her..all these amongst  other challenges.

One time she even got kicked out of her own shooting event which she planned with a friend..🤦‍ Now the friend plans it with someone else..

Despite all these she said 

"..but I'm a positive and optimistic person. I made a check on it and went on. I still see things naive, I still see the best in the people, I'll be still doing the best for everyone else than me.

Who is your favorite model?

Nicole named Tyra Banks  as her favorite model.

Tyra Banks, also called Band is an African-American model, business woman, Tv personality, producer, actress and writer who started her modelling career at age 15, and was named as one of the world's top earning models in the early 2000's 

She also mentioned Taylor swift, Jessica Alba, Demi lovato, and Selena Gomez as her role models.

Continuing, she said she loves women who are so proud of what they have achieved, being so strong, being so classic, managing life so tough.

What are your aims in modelling?

" I think seeing my fave one time as commercial hanging in a window, newspaper or more would be fulfilling."


Social Media

Instagram: @nicki1390

Facebook : nici's model sedcard